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The Shad Gaspard family hopes to rescue a miracle for their ‘soldier’

The Shad Gaspard family has released a statement after the former WWE star disappeared on Sunday, saying that Gaspard was a “soldier” – and they still hope to return safely.

Gaspard went missing over the weekend while swimming on the LA beach. The Brooklyn native reportedly swam with his young son when they were caught in a swift current. Witnesses told TMZ that the coast guard could save Gaspard’s son first, at the direction of 39 years. However, the report said, that the coast guard could not reach Gaspard when he was pushed by the waves.

The Gaspard family told Page Six in a statement on Tuesday: “We would like to thank the first responders who saved Aryeh and to the coast guard, coast guard, diver, firefighter and the police department for their ongoing efforts to help find the Shad we loving. .

“Shad is a warrior, a warrior and a magical soul. We hope and pray for his safe return. As a family, we thank you for your attention and hope. Please continue to send your positive thoughts and prayers to our beloved Shad. “

The message posted to Gaspard’s Instagram account said he was missing and was last seen on Sunday at Marina Del Rey Beach. The Daily Mail reports that the Gaspard search continues until Monday, but on Tuesday, TMZ reported that efforts had been reduced, and the US Coast Guard delayed its search.

Representatives for families do not immediately comment on the search status. A source told Page Six that on Tuesday morning, there was still a ship that was looking for.

Gaspard hasn’t been an official part of WWE since 2010, but he appeared on other wrestling circuits, and has received support from professional wrestling icons including Chris Jericho and Mick Foley.

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