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The number of sick NYPD officers has dropped to pre-pandemic levels

The number of New York City police calling in sick fell Friday to pre-pandemic levels.

On Friday, 1,157 NYPD uniformed members exclaimed in pain. That’s about 3.2% of the new workforce department – a low that is comparable to the level before coronavirus began to damage the Big Apple.

Police, like other civil servants, were hit hard by the virus, with as many as 19.8% of officers – a total of 7,155 policemen – sick in April at the height of the health crisis, according to the NYPD.

So far 5,552 members of the NYPD have tested positive for the virus, with 5,302 if they have recovered and returned to work, the department said in its daily coronavirus briefing.

As many as 42 service members have died from the virus.

The police guidelines governing social distances visit more than 14,000 bars and restaurants, supermarkets, public spaces, and personal care facilities 24 hours starting Thursday at 8am.

The police issued two long-distance social calls and one arrest for obstructing government administration during that time

Mayor de Blasio announced on Friday that police would no longer make arrests or distribute tickets if people ignored the guidelines for wearing masks in public. The decision came as the NYPD faces criticism despite allegations of racial bias in the police regarding coronavirus.

“There is no serious danger to the public, the NYPD will not take law enforcement action for failing to wear face coverings,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during his daily press conference.

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