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The historic launch of SpaceX was delayed because of the weather



The historic launch of SpaceX was delayed because of the weather

The official launch was announced at 4:17 Wednesday night that bad weather will prevent SpaceX rockets and capsules from taking off from the Florida launch pad, carrying NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley on the first crew spacecraft to take off from US soil in nearly a decade.

There are additional launch windows on Saturday and Sunday, a NASA spokesman said. That subsequent efforts will be on Saturday at 3:22 p.m.

There is a 50% chance the flights will be “deleted,” or postponed, because of the weather on Wednesday morning. Rain along the flight path and thunderstorms that develop around it are the main concerns of the launch, because Florida has faced heavy rain due to tropical disruptions over the past few days.

If a problem arises with the rocket after taking off, the Crew Dragon SpaceX capsule has the ability to escape the rocket and fly the astronauts to safety. But to ensure they will have a safe landing, SpaceX must monitor weather conditions through the vast swath of the Atlantic Ocean to prepare for possible scenarios that are canceled.

45th Space Wing, a military arm that oversees all East Coast rocket launches, monitors the weather and shares its information with NASA and SpaceX.

The launch of the SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft is planned to move forward over the weekend despite the Covid-19 pandemic, which has closed private and government operations throughout the US. NASA said it must continue its mission to guard the International Space Station, a giant orbiting laboratory, which is fully managed by US astronauts.

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The space agency’s top official, Jim Bridenstine, also said he hoped the launch would inspire admiration and lift the general public during the ongoing health crisis.

On the ground in Florida, local authorities are preparing for an influx of spectators who are expected to gather at a nearby beach, which was recently reopened after weeks of being locked in the middle of a battle against Covid-19. But NASA does not welcome visitors to the launch site. Several dozen journalists were permitted to cover the launch from the press area at the Kennedy Space Center, but strict social distance policies and guidelines surrounding the use of masks were implemented. Bridenstine held most of the briefings by telephone, for example, and direct interviews were carried out one by one with the news crew.

This launch is also intended to be a kind of litmus test for NASA’s push to partner more broadly with the private sector.

SpaceX developed the Dragon Crew under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which, for the first time in the history of the space agency, submitted much of the design, development and testing of new human-ranked spacecraft to the private sector. NASA awarded a fixed price contract for SpaceX and Boeing to complete the work, but the decision was not without controversy, especially in the early days of the Commercial Crew Program. But if the SpaceX flight is successful, it could be seen as a big win for people at NASA who hope to rely more on similar contracts to help reach the space agency’s goals.

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Bridenstine, for example, hopes to rely heavily on private sector partnerships to achieve the space agency’s ambitious goals to land US astronauts on the moon in 2024.

“In the end, what we are trying to achieve is to have many providers that compete with each other in terms of cost, innovation, and safety. And then NASA can become a customer, a customer of many customers, and we already know that this will save a lot of money in the long run long, “Bridenstine told CNN Business, Rachel Crane.

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Portugal beat Switzerland with Gonçalo Ramos hat-trick to play Morocco in World Cup quarter-finals – Observer



Portugal beat Switzerland with Gonçalo Ramos hat-trick to play Morocco in World Cup quarter-finals - Observer

Absence of Ronaldo, favorite song and game with Morocco. Gonzalo Ramos sums up a (beautiful) night he never dreamed of

Goncalo Ramos’ debut as a starter at the World Cup saw him score three goals and have a great night. Although there was talk before the game about the absence of CR7 in the starting lineup, the Benfica player said that it was different in the dressing room: “Honestly, in our dressing room, no one talked about it. Cristiano as our captain did what he does in every game. He helped us, motivated us and gave me a word of encouragement both for himself and for everyone else.”

After explaining at a press conference that he only had time to call his parents and best friends, Gonçalo Ramos turned to the next game, in which Portugal would “come out with everything”. “The game against Morocco will start 0-0. Today’s score doesn’t matter anymore.”

When asked about today’s performance, the Benfica player said that even in his wildest dreams he never thought of making his debut in the starting lineup in the World Cup playoffs with a hat-trick. “In relation to exemplary players, Ronaldo is an idol for many. I also like Lewandowski and Ibrahimovic.”

In a more relaxed moment, journalists asked Ramos what his favorite song is and what song he would like to hear when he scores goals. “This song contains profanity. Maybe it’s better not to mention it. Another? The music when we score is good. This can continue.”

After the press conference, Gonzalo Ramos went to receive the Man of the Match trophy. Upon receiving the award, he was asked which of his teammates he would give it to if he could choose: “I would give it to the whole team, because without the whole team it’s impossible to win games.”

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Turismo Centro de Portugal promotes discussion on the importance of the Portuguese route to Santiago for the region : Gazeta Rural



Turismo Centro de Portugal promotes discussion on the importance of the Portuguese route to Santiago for the region : Gazeta Rural

BUT Tourism in Central Portugal organizes on December 19 and 20 two conferences on the importance of Caminhos de Santiago tourism product in Central Portugal.

The colloquium will take place in melkhada you Covilhã and offer a reflection on Structuring, Knowing, Experience and Dynamizing different layouts portuguese way santiago, with a focus on the importance of this tourism product for the local economy.

The first action, on the 19th, will take place at the Cineeatro Messias, in Mealhada, a municipality that is on the Caminho Português Central route. The next day, the stage will be the Hall of the Municipal Assembly of Covilhã, the city where the Caminho Português Nascente takes place.

Registration is free and mandatory via the following links:
Colloquium in Mealhada, December 19 –
Colloquium in Covilhã, 20/12 –

Work will take place in the morning, from 10:00 to 13:00. In the afternoon (15:00 – 16:30) there will be a practical part with a short walk along the section of the Portuguese route to Santiago, so it is advisable that the participants be prepared for this purpose.

The initiative is aimed at the community, as well as local and regional public and private organizations. It will bring together speakers and participants from the fields of culture, spirituality, tourism and heritage, who will conduct a dialogue on these topics and their prospects for future development in the central region of Portugal.

The colloquium is held as part of a cross-border project “Kaminos – the Jacobin trails of the western peninsula” (POCTEP Interreg) and enjoy the support of the municipalities of Mealhada and Covilhã.

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The Portuguese way is becoming more and more popular

The Camino de Santiago is of great interest to visitors and the number of pilgrims arriving in Santiago de Compostela is increasing. According to the Pilgrims’ Office, the increase in the number of pilgrims along the Portuguese Way has been notorious, which has affected the local economy, namely the accommodation and catering sectors. Turismo Centro de Portugal aims to improve this cultural and religious route.

The cross-border project Caminos – Rede Transborderiça de Caminhos Jacobeus do Oeste Peninsular includes 10 Spanish partners and 3 Portuguese partners and has as its main mission the dissemination of the various routes of the Camino de Santiago, as well as the promotion of its natural and cultural values ​​and its potential tourist.

It also seeks to ensure closer contact between territorial agents in order to create synergies with all social and economic agents associated with the Way, improve equipment, signaling and ICT application on the routes in order to provide them with the necessary infrastructure, thereby increasing the cross-border cultural offer.

It also intends to create conditions for increasing the number of travelers and pilgrims on the various Jacobin routes in the west of the peninsula, promoting the economic development of both territories through tourism-related resources, increasing the competitiveness of the area, increasing employment in the tourism sector and improving the quality of cross-border tourism products and services. .

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The Portuguese still hasn’t scored in the playoffs of the World Cup



The Portuguese still hasn't scored in the playoffs of the World Cup

It was not enough to fight for the title in Portugal., Cristiano Ronaldo often subjected to pressure Lionel Messi at the 2022 World Cup. Guaranteed in the quarterfinals, the Argentine star is finally scored his first knockout goal at the World Cup, in a victory over Australia, in the 1/8 finals. The Portuguese remains empty in the decisive stages of the competition.

Also participating in his fifth and probably the last Cup in his winning career.In total, Ronaldo has scored eight goals in World Cups. All were noted at the group stages (one in Germany-2006, one in South Africa-2010, one in Brazil-2014, four in Russia-2018 and so far one in Qatar-2022).

At the age of 37, CR7 scored in an edition on Qatari soil only in his debut. He scored a penalty goal that paved the way for a long-suffering 3-2 victory over Ghana. Then, in matches against Uruguay and South Korea, he collected missed opportunities, got offside several times and, above all, became the object of even more contestation. from the critics.

Even against the Uruguayans, the No. 7 Portuguese finished the match believing he had scored the first goal in a 2-0 win. and backstage – who touched the ball with his head (or hair) on a cross by Bruno Fernandez, who at the time, and also after a FIFA reassessment, was confirmed as the author.

Is free ball marketbecause the contract was terminated by mutual agreement Manchester United, Ronaldo has only five finishes in the 2022 Cup so far: two correct and three incorrect. Today with nine goals at the world championships, Lionel Messimeanwhile, has 12 shots (eight correct and four incorrect) – only in the group stage.

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Even after several controversies in England, the veteran striker could not avoid controversy in the national team. The latter came in the defeat against South Korea, in the last round of group H. He could have been spared, like a large part of the team, but he was kept in the starting lineup, mainly because he wants, among other goals, score nine goals in World Cups and equal his historical compatriot Eusebio And now too Messi.

Despite such determination, CR7 proved to be the team’s worst player in a 2-0 loss. To make matters worse, when he was substituted 20 minutes into the second half, he left complaining about the bench: He said these words: “you s… hurry to get me out”🇧🇷 The flash did not find a response in the technical commission, to the point that coach Fernando Santos publicly says he “didn’t like anything” from what he saw.

Between criticism and controversial cases, Cristiano Ronaldo is unlikely to be taken out of the starting XI, especially in the decisive phase. Despite the problems, he remains a big attacking hope for Portugal, who will face Switzerland this Tuesday (6th) at the Lusail Stadium in the round of 16.

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