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Reopening Coronavirus: Grove, Americana mall getting ready



Reopening Coronavirus: Grove, Americana mall getting ready

Rick Caruso, owner of the upscale Grove shopping center in Los Angeles and the luxury resort of Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, has developed a procedure against the corona virus to reopen its properties almost as high as its own.

At its 10 malls in the Los Angeles area, hope to meet “physical long-distance ambassadors” to prevent crowds forming and officers who clean every bathroom stall after being used. Shields between guests and officers will be available, while valet parking and shoe polish will come out.

A beautiful trolley that offers visitors a ride around Grove and Americana at Brand in Glendale will live in their garage indefinitely. Workers’ temperatures will be checked every day, and hotel staff must pass a “foot bath” to ensure they do not track viruses in their shoes.

The occupancy of the elevator will be limited to one family, or household, per car at a time. And everyone who steps on Caruso’s property must wear a mask.

“That’s a small price we have to pay to get back together,” said Caruso, who now considers his mask “part of a daily uniform.”

Caruso wasn’t sure when he would be able to fully reopen his property, but he had just released detailed safety standards that his company has been working since March.

Outdoor malls, such as Palisades Village, are still open to visitors who walk around even though most shops are closed and restaurants only provide take-out services. Miramar only accepts important workers such as health services and emergency service providers.

The closure of COVID-19 was very painful, said Caruso, and at first it was “unimaginable” for business. But he believes the path to recovery lies in giving people a sense of security when they return to their favorite places.

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“The world has changed, and that will never come back,” Caruso said. “Companies must change with that” and adapt to new customer preferences that are more sharply focused on their physical well-being.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it began by having peace of mind about using shared bathrooms, Bay Area real estate consultant, David Greensfelder.

“Public toilets are probably the single biggest problem for getting people back in public,” said Greensfelder, chief manager of Greensfelder Commercial Real Estate.

When the toilet is reopened at the Caruso mall, an officer will be present during all hours of operation to clean the stall after each use and ensure that no more than 50% of them are occupied at any given time. Terrycloth towels will be replaced with disposable towels, and directional floor decals will be applied to ensure proper pedestrian traffic flow.

In switching from the previous procedure, cleaning at the mall might be done in a very flamboyant manner like a dancing fountain that surrounds a tall golden statue in Americana.

“We used to make sure no one saw it being cleaned,” said Caruso, who wanted guests to meet the new-looking company mall, “as if it had just come out of the box.”

Now, he said, “we want to clean people up to be seen and be out there all day.”

The electrostatic misting machine, which is a non-toxic disinfectant sprayer, will be used in all areas of the property, including at least twice a day in the high touch point area.

Developer Rick Caruso was photographed in front of Manor House at the Rosewood Miramar Beach resort in Montecito.

(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

At Miramar, public areas will be cleaned every hour. Housekeepers will use a minimum of four different color coded microfiber fabrics each time they clean the guest room. Ultraviolet-light air purifiers have been installed in heating and air conditioning systems in the main building which only carry outside air instead of recycling it.

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Such steps might have seemed extreme a few months ago, but now “that excess is really good” to reduce people’s anxiety, said Greensfelder, who doesn’t work for Caruso.

“There is a stress level around that everyone is trying to overcome,” he said. “Finding out how we will function in public areas is the key to reopening real estate.”

However, improved cleaning is expensive, and in malls, such operating costs are usually given to tenants, Greensfelder said. “Are costs sustainable if tenants see their sales hit and their costs rise?”

Caruso acknowledged that operational costs would rise, without specifying how much, but said his company would “absorb a lot of these costs for smaller tenants” and added that his company did not collect rent from smaller tenants while their business was closed. However, larger national tenants are expected to pay rent and operational costs.

Caruso said he would have full-time nurses on staff at his company to ensure proper health safety protocols were followed, and new standards were set up with the guidance of epidemiologists. Neha Nanda, medical director of infection prevention at USC’s Keck Medicine.

“If there is one thing we have learned from this pandemic, it is the importance of changing and adapting quickly to a constantly evolving environment,” Nanda said.

“Over the past few months, we have all made unimaginable sacrifices,” he said. “We must not allow our collective actions to be in vain because we need to redouble our efforts to enable the economy to be safely reopened in partnership with the medical community.”

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Caruso described the closure as “perhaps the most complex tax challenge I have ever faced in business,” forcing the company into “survival mode” because its income dropped to almost zero while costs were fixed.

He said he was optimistic, however, that buyers wanted to return to the mall partly because they were outside, where the virus was likely to spread. The Grove was one of the top tourist attractions in the region before the pandemic struck.

“As soon as we say back, I think people will come back,” he said. “The challenge for us is managing the crowd so we can observe all the right protocols. Maybe this is the first time in history we have turned people around. “

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5-star hotels lead the way in the restoration of Portuguese tourist sites



5-star hotels lead the way in the restoration of Portuguese tourist sites

In October, the number of overnight stays in 5-star hotels increased by 15.9% compared to the same month in 2019, which, according to additional information, namely from the DMC (Tourist Inception Agency), is associated with a strong increase in tourism from the United States. states.

Information published today by INE indicates that in October, compared to the same month before the pandemic, the number of overnight stays in tourist establishments in Portugal increased by 6.2%, with the strongest increase in hotels, at 8.2%. in which, therefore, 62.1% is concentrated. overnight stays.

The information shows that 4-star hotels, where the largest number of beds are concentrated, had 48.9% of overnight stays in October, totaling 2.05 million, which is +7.6% or more than 144.7 thousand than in October 2019.

This was followed by 3-star hotels with 927.3k, but this increase was about half of 5-star hotels, by 7.6% or 65.5k, to 927.3k, and then 5-star hotels with 857. 4 thousand overnight stays, an increase of 15.9%. or 117.6 thousand compared to the same pre-pandemic month.

In contrast to the evolution in these categories, there were 2- and 1-star hotels, in which the number of overnight stays decreased by 2.7%, or ten thousand, to 360.8 thousand.

The cheapest apart-hotels (three and two stars) also saw a decrease in overnight stays, from -20.9% or less than 24.4 thousand, in hotels and farms in Madeira, from -0.4% or less, to about 300, and in tourist settlements, from -7.7. % or less than 17.5 thousand.

At the same time, the number of apart-hotels increased by 1.2%, or 8.5 thousand, to 717.5 million, due to the increase in 5-star hotels by 6.7%, or 6.6 thousand, to 104.9 thousand, and 4-star, by 5.4 thousand% or 26.4 thousand to 519.9 thousand.

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Overnight stays in tourist apartments also increased by 3.2%, or 13.6 thousand, to 437.8 million, local accommodation, by 0.6%, or 5.5 thousand, to 901.2 thousand, and , primarily tourism in rural areas and housing, with an increase of 45.2% or 67.3 thousand to 216.5 thousand people.

The INE data also shows that Portuguese tourist sites were the best in October in terms of overnight stays this year, with peaks achieved by 5-, 4- and 3-star hotels, 5- and 4-star apartment hotels, accommodation . and rural tourism and housing development.

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The US market is already setting new annual records in Portuguese hotels

The Portuguese hospitality industry experienced the best October in terms of number of guests and overnight stays.

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Government approves strategy to combat “Portuguese underrepresentation” in Brussels



Government approves strategy to combat "Portuguese underrepresentation" in Brussels

This afternoon the Council of Ministers will approve a national strategy to combat what it considers “underrepresentation de Portugal” in European institutions, in particular the European Commission.

“There is a significant shortage of Portuguese, especially those working for the Commission,” explains the Secretary of State for European Affairs in statements to Renaissance🇧🇷 The problem, according to Thiago Antunes, is not limited to middle management: “This is the first time Portugal does not have a CEO in the European Commission”.

The government wants to “correct this imbalance and fight this deficit in order to win.”ability to influence in decisions.” But it is not possible to increase the number of vacancies for the Portuguese, if only because there are no national quotas for employees working in institutions.

To go to Brussels or even work in Portugal on a full-time basis, you need to pass a series of tests prepared by EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office). 🇧🇷These are very difficult competitions.with very concrete evidence,” the official explains.

The strategy will be based on several pillars: training, increasing grants and encouraging the mobility of civil servants. The Portuguese government is going to create a national training center to “better prepare our candidates for competitions”; to bet on “dissemination of opportunities; increase the balls (by quantity and value); and create a statute that allows those who work in the public administration of Portugal to move into the European public administration.

The aim is to achieve “greater representation” in the European Commission in order to have “greater influence” on the decision. Although the strategy is to strengthen the Portuguese presence in Brussels and the employees do not work for doesn’t matter that they are portuguese“, he defends.

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Fruits may not appear early or may not even be measurable. “It will take some time until we see results,” admits the former secretary of state to the prime minister. But the wait does not stop the Portuguese government. “We have to start right now,” Thiago Antunes insists, pointing to the demographic problem among those working in Brussels. “There are a lot of Portuguese who came in at the time of our accession and are now retiring.”

The strategy aims to reverse the cycle of loss of Portuguese representation among the 27. The diploma will be approved this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

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“His manager is Portuguese and…”; The agent changes plans, and Luis Castro “arranges” the problem in the protection of “Botafogo”



"His manager is Portuguese and...";  The agent changes plans, and Luis Castro "arranges" the problem in the protection of "Botafogo"


The defender must return from loan ahead of schedule, and the Glorioso coach will have to make a decision at the beginning of the preseason.

Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIF.  First, Luis Castro does not have Diego Loureiro for 2023.
Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIF. First, Luis Castro does not have Diego Loureiro for 2023.

With the end of the season Botafogo its reformulation is already underway with the participation of Luis Castro. Names like Carlinhos, for example, have already left General Severiano, but there is a tendency for the “purge” to continue a little longer. Especially with the return of borrowed athletes during the year.

goalkeeper case Diego Loureiro, who played on loan at Atlético GO, promoted to Serie B. Curiously, the Botafogo archer has a contract at Goiania until the end of 2023, but Dragao president Adson Batista is pessimistic about the player’s consistency.

“Diego Loureiro is a bit off because he still has a contract with Botafogo, his manager is Portuguese and he has a different vision.” said the director in an interview with radio Sagres from the capital of Goiás.

The goalkeeper played only two games for Atlético-GO, who were betting on Renan in the starting lineup. If he returns to Rio, Loureiro will likely see high competition in the black and white net as Luis Castro now has alternatives to Gatito Fernandes and Lucas Perry.

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