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Renault and Nissan really need help. The alliance that Carlos Ghosn built could be their only hope



How Volkswagen is reopening factories during the pandemic

Already under great pressure from the decline in sales and profits in 2019, the fall in global car demand this year could push French and Japanese companies closer together to cut costs and share the burden of building a new generation of electric vehicles.

The automakers have been partners since 1999, working together on strategy and product development while never taking risks and completing a full merger. Together with Mitsubishi Motors’ junior partners, the unique industry alliance employs around 450,000 people and in 2018 sells around one in every nine cars worldwide.

But the partnership began the third decade in chaos. That 2018 arrested from former alliance boss Carlos Ghosn, a turnaround expert believed to keep Renault and Nissan in business, sparked a series of leadership changes in both car makers, confusion about their strategy and questions whether stuttered relationship has outlived its usefulness.

Renault participated in merger talks with European rivals, and there are big questions about how the alliance will revive its wealth in North America, where Nissan is an important player but its French counterpart is not. Analysts also ask questions about cultural differences in the company.

Nissan (NSANF) and Renault (RNLSY), which was linked through a series of equity shares, denied in January that they were disbanding. Then coronaviruses attacked, plunging them deeper into the crisis and requiring an overhaul that the carmaker hopes to uncover on Wednesday.
Nissan is preparing to reduce global production capacity by 20% and close its factory in Barcelona, ​​according to Japan Nikkei Asia Review. Japanese media reported that Nissan could cut its workforce by 20,000. Renault can also stop making two popular models in Spain and move the production to Nissan’s large factory in Britain, according to the report Financial time.

The companies so far have largely maintained separate manufacturing facilities. Sharing production at the Sunderland factory can be a sign that car makers have put aside their differences and responded to the crisis by helping each other reduce costs.

Ghosn, who was arrested on charges of understating his income, always denied accusations of financial irregularities. He hopes to bring the company closer together, and he blamed his arrest for Nissan’s conspiracy aimed at preventing further integration with Renault. Nissan denied this story.

According to Nikkei, Renault and Nissan are looking for joint production facilities elsewhere in Europe, as well as South America and Southeast Asia. Nissan, for example, can start producing Renault vehicles at its plant in Brazil. The companies also reportedly hope to increase the number of parts that can be shared between their cars and accelerate plans to develop a shared vehicle platform.

The deepening of the commitment will mark a major change: As recently as last year, Renault has been looking beyond alliances to cut costs, holding merger talks with Fiat Chrysler (FCAU). The Italian-American company then agreed to a merger with owners of Peugeot and Citroen, closing other potential avenues for collaboration for Renault.

Spokespersons for Nissan and Renault declined to comment on Monday.

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Renault and Nissan are already struggling

Renault was in trouble before the pandemic struck. The French carmaker reported the worst financial performance in a decade last year, with net profit down 99% to only € 19 million ($ 21 million). Its share price has fallen 69% since the start of 2019.

In April, the company’s global sales fell by almost 70% compared to the same month last year when a pandemic hit Europe and North America. The company stopped production at 12 facilities in France in mid-March, continuing operations in most factories only this month.

There was also chaos in the leadership ranks, with Ghosn’s direct successor as CEO, Thierry Bolloré, ousted last October in what he denounced as a “coup.” Bolloré’s successor, Luca de Meo, did not start work until July.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire warned Friday that Renault is in “serious financial trouble.” “Renault could disappear,” he told Europe 1 radio.

The French government owns 15% of Renault, and is currently negotiating a € 5 billion ($ 5.4 billion) loan requirement for the company, which has not been approved by Le Maire. The Finance Minister said last week that Renault should not close its factory north of Paris – one of the few facilities currently producing cars for Nissan.

“We signed when we found out what Renault’s strategy was,” Le Maire told the radio station. The company’s plan must include the transition to more environmentally friendly vehicles. “We want Renault to be more productive and produce more vehicles, especially electricity, in France,” he added.

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Nissan, which reports financial results for the 2019 fiscal year on Thursday, has experienced four consecutive quarters of decline. Operating profit fell to 54.3 billion yen ($ 504 million) for the three months ended December, down 83% from the same quarter a year earlier.

– Hanna Ziady contributed reporting.

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PAN wants to abolish fees for teaching Portuguese abroad



PAN wants to abolish fees for teaching Portuguese abroad

O PAN has submitted a draft to Parliament to stop collecting tuition/entry fees for young Portuguese and descendants of Portuguese who attend or will attend Portuguese language teaching abroad.

The diploma, which was presented this Wednesday to the Assembly of the Republic, refers to a petition signed by 4,524 people that was delivered to Parliament in the previous legislature. Petition titled “Portuguese for all! Concerning the right of our children and young people to study Portuguese abroad, it proposes to “protect and strengthen the teaching of Portuguese among children and young people of Portuguese and Portuguese living abroad”.

PAN understands that the formal learning of the Portuguese language by Portuguese children and young people living abroad is “more than the right of these children and young people, is the responsibility of the state” and is a way to ensure the continuity of “Portuguese across borders”.

“Petition No. 168/XIV/2.ª gives the Assembly of the Republic the opportunity to review the state of the official network of teaching Portuguese abroad for the Portuguese and the descendants of the Portuguese, as well as to consider its problems and the causes of these problems. “, – says PAN.

The party, led by Inés Sousa Real, warns of “a small number of students studying Portuguese abroad” and justifies this fact with “mandatory attendance rates applicable to all students”.

“Currently, the school has about 20,000 students, which is a third of what it was in 2008. This situation is largely justified by the fact that in the 2012/2013 academic year there was a mandatory attendance rate for all students, which meant revenge on the idea that there are constitutional rights for the Portuguese community abroad, but they can only be exercised if they are paid, which is regrettable,” the document says.

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PAN also reports that even during the pandemic, students had to continue paying tuition fees “despite being unable to attend remote classes due to a lack of necessary resources.”

“In the previous legislature, the PAN at the headquarters of the Education Commission requested the Minister of Education for the designation of the revenues generated from the collection of tuition fees, but never received a clear answer,” the party points out, also mentioning that he had already submitted a draft resolution about the abolition of tuition/registration fees for these young people who are “only not moving forward due to the dissolution of the Assembly of the Republic”.

“As part of this initiative, PAN, in an effort to address this clearly defined problem, is proposing to abolish tuition fees for all Portuguese and Portuguese young people who attend or will attend Portuguese language teaching, from January 1, 2023, as this makes no sense in constitutional law payable, and that students have to pay for what is already funded by the Portuguese state,” the document says.

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What Makes Professional AV Solutions the Top Priority in Business Meetings



Do you need someone to get you the most promising professional AV control solutions but don’t know specifically when the market is overflowing with choices? Well, don’t you worry anymore because we have tons of choices right at your disposal for the best experience, be it for your office or even for educational purposes.

A professional AV solution’s major work is to ensure that you can have a one-of-a-kind experience, and this stands not only for meetings but even for presentations.

The AV solution is one where there is a huge display, and each of the members in the room can see and hear the deeds of the presentation very easily. Not only that, it is different from the monotonous lectures and adds a bit of spark, making people more engaged. After all, visual aids are always great for a better impact.

Affordable AV Solutions with Biamp Systems

However, the problem many people face at this juncture is that they do not end up finding someone who offers quality services and that too by not charging a bomb. It could be difficult to shell out a lot of money for the initial setup or maintenance; hence, finding someone affordable is very important. Biamp Systems ensures you have the most amazing experience, and that too by not having to spend too much.

The idea always has been to provide the best of services close price range. However, this has not come in the way of the high quality; that is what they have taken up as a motto. If you want good services at a price range that is convenient for everyone, then Biamp Systems is the name that you should believe in.

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So, if you want to offer a great audio-visual meeting experience to all the participants from different geographical locations, you must opt for professional AV Solutions today. Connect with team Biamp Systems and place your order.

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Portuguese club sign Matheus Pereira from Cruzeiro



Portuguese club sign Matheus Pereira from Cruzeiro

Credit: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro

Boavista received a positive response from Cruzeiro for the final transfer of Matheus Pereira. The left-back, first of all, is the request of coach Armando Petit to replace Janis Amas, who is due to leave the club in the coming days.

O It turned out that the clubs started the exchange of documents this Wednesday morning (29) and the purchase of the defender is in full swing. Now Boavista is looking to get past the red tape to finally announce the signing of the player.

Mateus Pereira has a contract with Cruzeiro until June 2023 and is on loan from Guarani until the end of the current season. The club from Sao Paulo has already been informed that it will lose the left-back in the next transfer window.

Also according to the report, Boavista will invest 3 million euros (16.6 million reais at the current price) to get 60% of the economic rights for four seasons. Cruzeiro, in turn, will keep 40% of the season ticket for future sale.

Mateus Pereira was one of the full backs, according to the Boavista Market Analysis Center, since 2021 I have kept a player in my field of vision. At first, the deal will be on a season-long lease.

However, the Minas Gerais club eventually agreed to negotiations when the Portuguese made the final choice in favor of buying the athlete. Recently, Mateus Pereira received a poll from Braga. However, Cruzeiro was not enthusiastic about this business model.

Matheus Pereira held talks with the club from Rio de Janeiro

Having failed to return to Serie A of the Brazilian championship, Cruzeiro placed Matheus Pereira on the list of “fixed” players. In January, for example, he appeared on the radar to protect Fluminense.

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At the direction of Abel Braga, the then tricolor coach, the defender even had a verbal agreement with Fluminense. However, the board backed out of the deal shortly after signing Chris Silva from Sheriff Moldova and Mauricio Pineyda, who was at Barcelona, ​​Ecuador.

Out of coach Paulo Pezzolano’s plans, the left-back was loaned out to Guarani until the end of the current season. Bugre has 23 matches, three goals and one assist. In addition, he is one of the best players in the Brazilian Serie B position.

Matheus Pereira figures

Matheus Pereira, based on the basic categories of Cruzeiro, arrived at Toca da Raposa II in 2017. He belongs to the same generation as goalkeeper Gabriel Braçao, defender Kaka, right-back Vitinho, midfielder Mauricio, striker Cayo Rosa and others.

With these players, Matheus Pereira won the 2018 Under-20 Mineiro Championship. Two years later, coach Adilson Batista promoted the player to the first team, who decided to bet on the first team to form a squad that would play for the first time. in series B.

In two seasons, he established himself as the owner of the left back of Rapos. At the same time, he represented the club in 61 matches, scored one goal and made three assists.

This season, for example, 21-year-old Mateus Pereira has made 23 appearances for Guarani: 12 in Brazil’s Serie B, two in the Brazilian Cup and nine in the Campeonato Paulista. In addition, he scored three goals, provided an assist and spent 2033 minutes on the field.

Highlights: Cruzeiro 2 x 0 Ponte Preta (Serie B). Watch the video!

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