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Note to Joe Biden: You are not Barack Obama

Joe Biden finally made news of his secret location somewhere in Delaware’s central lockdown. He appeared Friday at “The Breakfast Club,” where he was interviewed by Charlamagne tha God.

That was Biden’s response to Charlamagne who said that he welcomed Biden’s arrival to answer more questions when the event closed which fanned the fire at the start of the holiday weekend.

“If you have a problem finding out whether you are for me or Trump, then you are not black,” Biden answered. The New York Times describe it as a “testicular exchange” between Biden and Charlamagne. I didn’t get that impression – both of them seemed relaxed throughout the segment.

Clearly, after eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, Biden thinks he is a brother and believes he can make such jocular aside in a dark morning show.

What matters is not Biden’s words, but whether he takes seriously the idea that Democratic voters want more than Trump does.

As Charlamagne said Mediaite“We have been loyal to the Democrats for a long time. Black people have invested heavily in the party, and the return on investment has not been large. “

Charlamagne said, “Joe Biden is indebted to black people in his political life,” shortly after Biden expelled Bernie Sanders in South Carolina elementary school last February.

The victory breathed new life into the Biden campaign, which had a lackluster appeal in the first three primary season contests. And a few days later, Biden manages a table in the state of Super Tuesday.

As a substitute for black voters, Charlamagne was right because he wanted Biden to give him more than to hate Trump as an excuse to vote for him. African-Americans, who like all voters, want specifics.

Biden could not rest his case because he had been with President Barack Obama for eight years as sufficient reason. Shouting “Barack” when you talk to a black radio host or black voter will not miraculously transfer African-American support and votes to Biden.

Charlamagne, God Joe Biden
Charlamagne baked Biden during their interview.Breakfast Club

Black employment rose and unemployment fell during Trump’s tenure (although an argument can be made that it was a path that began under Obama).

To win, Biden needs to emulate the movement that helped him win the South Carolina primary last February. Hanging a black female partner and promising to support a reparations study will not be enough.

All in all, Biden held his own hold while being forced to make his case for the black ballot. Raise to Charlamagne for good questions and follow up on Biden’s canned responses.

This year’s election battle between Biden and President Trump will be an epic contest if the two men really fight for African-American voices.

Former New York Assembly Member Michael Benjamin is a member of The Post’s editorial board.

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