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Nick Kyrgios let’s fly at Novak Djokovic in locked chat

It happened when the couple chatted in a live Instagram session past midnight in the country of origin of Kyrgios, Australia – which was mid-Saturday afternoon for Murray in England.

“I honestly think you are better than Djokovic in my opinion,” Kyrgios said. “Djokovic played the ball dodging my serve. He couldn’t give it back. And you were there … slapped him for the winner. I couldn’t pass him.”

Kyrgios has a 2-0 record against Djokovic when he lost five of six of the Scots. But Djokovic has won 17 grand slam titles for three Murray titles to make him one of the Big Three in men’s tennis with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

While Kyrgios and Murray are always hanging out – even going on a roller coaster ride together in Cincinnati in 2018 – world No. 40 did not hide his hatred of Djokovic.

He said last year during the world podcast No. 1 had “a sick obsession with the desire to be liked” while also hating Nadal.

Kyrgios has been fined and suspended for some of his antics in the past but was instrumental in kickstarting tennis’ relief effort for forest fires which destroyed Australia ahead of the January Australian Open where he lost to Nadal.

Tennis is absent due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has seen Murray – who is celebrating his 33rd birthday Friday – take part in Instagram’s life with Nadal and Djokovic.

But Nadal refused a request from Kyrgios, 25 years old to chat on the social media platform.

Murray is ‘good’ to be back

His career was saved by hip resurfacing surgery Last year, Murray suspected he was ready to return to action when the pro tennis circuit resumed.

“I thought when everything returned to normal I thought I would be fine,” Murray said.

Kyrgios wants to play double with him.

But the date of return is unknown. And after canceling a clay court tournament leading to the French Open and then a European grass court event including Wimbledon, ATP on Friday announced a further suspension of the men’s tour until the end of July.

The cancellation of Wimbledon marks the first grand slam of the year that was officially canceled. Next month, the fate of the US Open at the end of August is expected to be determined.

The French Open, meanwhile, is now scheduled for September after moving controversially place on the calendar.

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