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Homeowners who cannot pay a mortgage get a deferral option



Homeowners who cannot pay a mortgage get a deferral option

Many difficult homeowners who delay their mortgage payments through a so-called patience program will get a new payment option, which allows them to make payments that are missed when the home is sold or the loan period expires, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said Wednesday.

The deferral option applies to homeowners who have mortgages supported by two government-controlled mortgage companies controlled by FHFA: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Under the CARES Act stimulus law, borrowers with government-supported loans – through the Federal Housing Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Agriculture, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac – have the right to defer mortgage payments up to years if they have financial difficulties related to coronavirus pandemic.

Most homeowners have government-backed loans and millions have signed up to be patient. But there is great confusion about how borrowers will make up for the payments they have missed.

Consumer advocates say some mortgage companies have incorrectly told borrowers that they must repay all missed payments at once once the patience period ends or have made unclear comments that cause stressed consumers to think that’s the problem. Government agencies insist that borrowers with government-supported loans do not have to pay at once, and there are several payment options.

In a statement, FHFA Director Mark Calabria said the additional suspension option “responsibly simplifies options for homeowners while providing additional equipment for mortgage officers.”

Under that option, after the patience period ends if the borrower with a loan supported by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac is unable to make payments on top of their original mortgage payments, a suspension must be offered starting July 1, according to the FHFA.

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had previously announced the suspension option, but at that time the soldier said there was no need to offer it until next year.

The new option, which is similar to the one offered by FHA, keeps the borrower’s original monthly mortgage payment the same. When a loan ends, such as at the end of 30 years or when a homeowner sells their home, missed payments must be paid at once. In the case of refinancing, missed payments will be added to the new loan principal.

Before the suspension option, borrowers who can only make their original monthly payments may have received loan modifications. That will keep mortgage payments the same as extending loans, which stands to increase the total amount to be paid by the borrower.

If after the patience period the borrower is still unable to pay their original mortgage payments, loan modification is available that will reduce monthly payments by extending the term of the loan. The modification has a limit on how far payments can be reduced, so someone who never gets back a job can still lose their home.

Asset Mortgage Bankers. President Robert Broeksmit said the suspension options for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would “ease the burden on homeowners.”

A group of public lawyers, including Atty California. General Xavier Becerra, wants the regulator to go further. They say that mortgage servants already seem overwhelmed by the surge in patience requests and doubt that companies can effectively evaluate borrowers for various payment options.

In a letter to the FHFA, the attorney general requested that the agency ask officers to automatically handle missed payments until the end of the borrower’s loan in the form of monthly payments – so that a 30-year loan, for example, becomes a 30½-year loan if someone loses six months.

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Then, if people still need help, more complicated modifications can be considered, the attorney general wrote.

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Sergio almost perfect in 2021/22 – Observer



Sergio almost perfect in 2021/22 - Observer

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He climbed the Jamora stairs at the end of the line and behind Pepe, halfway picked up his youngest son from the bench and carried him to the presidential podium, and still had time to hug Fernando Santos tightly. Sergio Conceição, who lifted the Portuguese Cup together with the captain of FC Porto, this Sunday became the first Portuguese coach to score two doubles.

The Cup is synonymous with Jamor, Vitinha is synonymous with love (chronicle of the Portuguese Cup final)

But he did much more than that. In addition to winning the Premier League and the Portuguese Cup in the same season, which he already did in 2019/20, the manager has won seven titles while leading the Dragons. In other words, he surpassed such historical names as José Maria Pedroto, José Mourinho or Jesualdo Ferreira and is now the second most decorated manager in the history of FC Porto, behind only one of the eight record holders, Artur Jorge.

Joining Otto Gloria and Joseph Sabo in a group of coaches who won two doubles in Portugal, thus becoming the only Portuguese to do so, Sergio Conceição is naturally the first to do so at the head of FC Porto. But after all, this was the third time he had won both the Dragon Championship and Cup at the same time— in 1998, as a player, he also celebrated two victories.


With two wins in the season ending this Sunday, Porto have scored the 9th double in their history and have come close to Benfica’s record of 11 doubles, the last being in the 2016/17 season. The Dragons finished the 2021/22 season with 53 games, between 39 wins, eight draws and six losses, scoring 119 goals and conceding 45. Otavio was the most used player with 49 appearances, Taremi was the serve scorer with 26 goals and also led the league in assists in equally from 16 Fabio Vieira.

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Portuguese cinema returns to the official part of Cannes through the big door



Portuguese cinema returns to the official part of Cannes through the big door

Yesterday, the Restos do Vento team of Thiago Guedes took to the red carpet.

During the presentation of the film crew on stage at the Sala Buñuel, Thierry Frenot, head of programming for the official Cannes section, made a good point, but as if he were not one of the main culprits of this fact: already sixteen. years since a Portuguese film, mostly Portuguese and with a Portuguese director, was not selected.

The last person to receive this honor was Pedro Costa, a contender for the Palme d’Or in 2006, “Juventude em Marcha”. special sessions of the festival. Which, in any case, was directed by the director, producer Paulo Branco, screenwriter Thiago Rodriguez, by the way, the new director of the prestigious Avignon Theater Festival, and the main characters of the film, such as Nuno Lopez, Albano Geronimo or Isabelle Abreu, just before entering the legendary red carpet in Cannes.

“Restos do Vento” was a project that Thiago Guedes carried out for about ten years, and the lack of funding prompted the author in the meantime to create “A Herdade”, “Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas” and several television programs. row. The film, a tragedy rooted deep in a small community in the hinterland, begins with a trauma inflicted on one of her young men by the pagan and ancestral tradition of the Caretos. Twenty-five years later, the reunion of several characters with their past and the commission of a crime brings buried secrets and unredeemed guilt to the surface.

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At the same time as it wraps up a drama that highlights a lot of what we are as Portuguese, Restos do Vento lives on from the director’s solid and reliable storytelling, the amazing photography of Mark Bliss, and the remarkable work of some elite Portuguese actors. and actresses, offering us a film that certainly deserves participation in the competition and is already scheduled for September 22.

However, the competition continued: new films by two Palme d’Or winners, Swede Robert Östlund (Square, 2017) and Romanian Cristian Mungiu (4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days), were screened. ., in 2007). The Swede’s new film Triangle of Sorrow also follows the Swede’s ironic and caustic take on life and art, which won him the top prize at Cannes. Built in three acts, the film begins with a selection of male models, then embarks on a journey on a luxury yacht, and ends on an apparently uninhabited island where some of the survivors of the shipwreck will reside.

Those who enjoyed O Quadrado, a non-consensual film that stirred passions while leaving others indifferent, will surely remember the already iconic dinner scene. Now, in this new film, dinner is on the high seas, and eschatology invades the dramatic space of the film, making it accessible only to stomachs accustomed to such creative freedom. However, it is unlikely that Östlund will take another spot on the final list.

On the contrary, this can happen with the Romanian “RMN”, where the center of Mungiu is in a small village in the mountains of Transylvania, and the economy is centered on a bakery, with two women managing the property and management. But due to the fact that men have to emigrate to Germany and other countries in the region, there is not enough skilled labor, and the factory is forced to take workers from Sri Lanka in order to continue working.

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But the community, very closed in on itself, even after the expulsion of the gypsy rebel community, ceases to buy bread where it has always been, and does not give up until the foreign workers are expelled. Mungiu ruthlessly condemns xenophobia, describing in beautiful, humanistic strokes the life of some of the inhabitants of the area.

A pagan tradition in a village in the interior of Portugal leaves painful marks on a group of young teenagers. 25 years later, when they meet again, the past comes up and tragedy begins.

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Portuguese leads the preference list for job offers in New York



Português lidera lista de preferência para ofertas de trbalho em Nova Iorque

A recent survey conducted by Preply, a platform that teaches new languages, showed that it is important to know more than just English in the US. After a careful analysis of job postings, it turned out that the Portuguese language allows you to get more valuable positions.

The average salary for a Portuguese speaker in New York is $263,781 a year, which is equivalent to 250,000 euros. After analyzing more than 1.5 million job postings and figuring out which ones earn the highest salaries and which ones are in the most demand, Portuguese is far ahead of Japanese and German, which round out the podium in New York. Whereas an Asian language receives an average of over 92 thousand euros per year; the cost for those who know German is an average of 85 thousand euros per year.

However, these values ​​vary from city to city, according to Forbes. In Chicago, Illinois, the podium is filled with only European languages, from German to French and Italian. German is also the most valued language in Boston, Massachusetts, along with Spanish and Chinese the most valued. German speakers are once again the most valuable in San Francisco, California, followed by Spanish speakers.

Not surprisingly, German is already the highest paid foreign language, with a national salary of over €65,000 per year. Preply’s campaign manager claims that German has “surpassed French as one of the most popular languages ​​to learn.” Daniele Saccardi noted that the German language is also the most valuable in Europe.

At the national level, the Portuguese is again in second place with an average annual salary of over 60,000 euros. The rest of the languages ​​in the top 10 are Japanese, Italian, Chinese, French, Spanish, Bengali, Arabic and Hindi.

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