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Broadway can come back – by stealing tricks from local theaters



Broadway can come back - by stealing tricks from local theaters

On April 8, a reporter in Albany asked Governor Cuomo about the cancellation of the recent Broadway show until June 7 and what the plan meant for the country at large. The governor replied, “I will not use what Broadway thinks is any barometer unless they are in the public health business and have seen better numbers and models.”


Cuomo, as he often did when he was elegant, was completely misunderstood. A pencil date in the Broadway League is not a very strict comeback, but a method of managing travel plans and cash flow as the situation continues to develop. In a way, it becomes less responsible for canceling shows throughout January, unless you have DeLorean traveling with time. (Broadway is currently closed until September 6).

Cuomo’s turning tone is worrying. Broadway is the source of tourism life for New York City, the largest metropolitan city in the country. You can’t have serious talk about reopening restaurants and hotels without including Broadway, which drives thousands of people into the business every day. Absent only 41 theaters, Times Square is little more than a few big screen TVs and H&M. Cuomo then dumped the theater into Phase 4 which was not clear, which shrugged, and the plan was reopened, with all the encouragement and wisdom to complete Second Avenue Subway.

He was part of a growing trend of professional scolding, which when the world began to reduce locking of coronavirus for crippling weeks, preferred to question and curse rather than productive ideas of spitball. A sad story in The Atlantic about London’s West End doubts whether the theater has any attraction in the near future, asking, “When do we want to sit in a room full of strangers again?”

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Alright, get me a mask – I’ll be there in 15 minutes!

Julianne Boyd has a big pandemic plan for the Barrington Stage Company in Massachusetts.
Julianne Boyd, who produced “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” (right) at the Barrington Stage Company theater in Massachusetts, has big plans for a new show in the middle of a pandemic this summer. Broadway can learn a lot from it.Barrington Stage; Joe Schuyler / Barrington Stage

Instead of blasting theater as a trivial and frivolous thing during a crisis, shouldn’t we praise companies that creatively adjust to our new reality now? In our lock-up weeks, we not only flatten the curves, we also fatten our knowledge. We now know that a 6 foot distance is good, so is a mask; outside the room is relatively safe. Why can’t the theater use that info to develop responsibly?

Inventive theater in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, already exists. They have devised a sound and innovative plan to begin production in August.

The Barrington Stage Company, a major regional theater where Tony Award-winning musical, “The 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee” begins, counteracts the trend of postponing the season to 2021 and continuing the show. His offer will include small dramas, such as “The Price” by Arthur Miller, and intimate concerts such as performances by 92-year-old cabaret star Marilyn Maye. They will be shown in the main stage theater BSC with a third capacity, or outside the room, with lots of hand sanitizer and without channels.

“It should feel like a big party, very relaxed,” said old artistic director Julianne Boyd told Berkshire Edge. “All the performances that we do are in one round, 80 minutes or more, so there is no break, no long lines in the lobby for bathrooms or drinks.”

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Frankly, that sounds great even when we’re not socializing.

A study in April in China examined the source of 318 coronavirus outbreaks. While most occur indoors or public transportation, only one happens in the open air, which only involves two cases. The growing consensus is that transmission in parks or on the sidewalks is relatively low.

Knowing this, The Cabaret’s artistic director in Indianapolis, Ind., Told the Indianapolis Star that he turned the aisle near his theater into a Paris-like cafe venue with stage lights and suspended lamps. The space usually meant for trash cans and parking will be a “casual night club” with singers and solo singers, said CEO Shannon Forsell.

Meanwhile, some places in Florida are investing in technology that was not previously used to make the theater cleaner than before.

Cocoa Village Playhouse in Brevard County has purchased a device that fully fills its auditorium with disinfecting fog. “This is incredible,” executive director Anastacia Hawkins-Smith told Florida Today. “You can obscure the whole theater in 10 minutes.”

Ticket sales to Broadway productions, and shows sold out to Hamilton, directing money to nearby restaurants and bars.
Broadway production – and the show sold out to Hamilton – moving money into nearby restaurants and bars, so helping NYC theaters reopen as quickly as possible should be a priority.Alamy Stock Photo

He also used an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the audience before the performance. Cocoa Village’s production of the musical “Into The Woods” aims to start the show again on May 28th.

Indeed, building and running Broadway has more logistical challenges than your average theater – mainly because of its size, cost, and density – but New York is filled with theater with different shapes and styles, and space for adaptation. If one small theater in New York can safely reinvent itself, it doesn’t have to wait for “Evil” to do it. The Broadway and off-Broadway industries will definitely watch such brave theaters in Florida, Massachusetts and Indiana to see if their experiments are successful, and what strategies they can steal from them.

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And so it should be, because the show must always take place.

Johnny Oleksinski is The Post’s entertainment critic.

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The beginning of Part 1 will arrive in Portuguese in MANGA Plus – JBox



Imagem: O próprio Chainsaw Man.

past too it’s a spade! From July 13 first 3 chapters from the first part Chainsaw will be available from translation into Portuguese No MANGAPlusfree app to read manga from Shueisha.

Apparently, not all 97 chapters of this first phase will be available, but only these first 3. The series will also not be split into two parts on the website/app. Even if it is a new phase, it will be published as usual. on the page of the man with the chainsawso the first chapter of part 2 will be #98.

Translation and editing work done comediansalso responsible for other platform projects with pt-br version (cases One piece, spy x family, Tokyo Ghoul Re e Jiu-Jitsu Kaisen). The information came from a project manager for a company in Brazil.

Unfortunately, the series is not among those that can be read completely free in english app — so even with the most recent readings, fans will have to resort to printed versions or alternative means to learn about the entire series. MANGA Plus does not allow, at least for now, subscriptions for fans in Brazil.

It is worth remembering that the second part of the manga, which will begin July 13, will also be available in Portuguese. Until the long-awaited sequel, Tatsuki Fujimoto launched one-shots on the Shueisha platform look back e Goodbye Eriin addition to working with mangaka Toda Oto (To take off the flash).

Story Chainsaw approaches Denji, a poor man capable of anything for money, even hunting demons with his dog, Honor. He is an ordinary boy mired in debt, but one day everything changes when he is betrayed by a man he trusted. Now possessing demonic powers, Denji becomes the Chainsaw Man (“The Chainsaw Man”).

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Fujimoto first part in Shonen jump from 2018 to December 2020, 11 volumes have been compiled to date. OUR Panini publishes manga in Brazil – check out our review first volume.

The work will be adapted into anime by the MAPPA studio and will have watching and duplicating Crunchyroll.

Source: Robert Rodriguez

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Portuguese missionary denounces ‘daily persecution and massacre’ in Congo



Portuguese missionary denounces 'daily persecution and massacre' in Congo

“There are persecutions and massacres every day” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and the international community turns a blind eye to this, says Father Marcelo de Oliveira, a Portuguese missionary in the African country.

The chief administrator of Komboni Province Missionaries in the Democratic Republic of the Congo speaks in an interview Renaissancethat attacks are permanent in an area of ​​the country where “cobalt is a source of wealth.”

“There are persecutions and massacres every day, there are people who are tortured, people who are forced to leave their homes and forced to flee,” condemns a priest who has lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for 15 years.

The eastern provinces of the DRC, notably North Kivu and neighboring Ituri, have “lived for decades in a state of constant instability due to the presence of various armed groups.

Born in Mortagua, Viseu district, the missionary says that in the Congo “no one escapes persecution.” “Catholics, Protestants and sects are treated equally”, given that “the religious question does not affect the situation at all”.

The priest says that “the Church is being persecuted, but to be a Christian means to be persecuted.” “The Catholic Church, which has great weight in public life, which has a large number of Catholics, which, by vocation, denounces, tells the truth and strives to defend the rights of the people, of course, is not appreciated by the simple,” he emphasizes.

The world “crossed its arms” on the problems in Africa

The priest admits that the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, is ready to fight corruption, but says that, on the one hand, the government is involved in the situation, and on the other hand, it is powerless to resolve it.

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“The complicity is there to keep getting what they get from the stuff they sell and ship out of the country anyway,” he explains.

On the other hand, Marcelo’s father accuses the international community of doing nothing for the suffering people of the Congo and trying to “keep capitalizing on the wealth of the country” by sending “weapons to be able to keep up the unrest and thus keep on stealing easily” . .

“The Congo is a very rich country, and it is a bit strange that such a rich country is at the same time so poor. There is gold, diamonds, copper, cobalt, soil that could give twice a year, it’s hard to understand,” the missionary laments, and then accuses: “there are interests from outside (the international community) to be able to continue to benefit from everything rich, and so they keep sending weapons to keep the mess going and thus easily keep stealing.”

The missionary ensures that “when there is a problem in Africa, everyone folds their hands” and gives an example of the reluctance to find a cure for malaria, which “kills a huge number of people every day”, and now with Covid-19. 19 pandemic “the whole world plunged into disaster.”

The priest assures that “there are more people who die in Africa from malaria than those who die from Covid”, and rhetorically asks: “Who created a medicine to treat poor Africans? The problem of malaria after all this time?”

Marcelo’s father replies, “No one, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Since we cannot profit from what we do, it is not important to make medicine, it is not important to help a country that will not repay us, ”he laments.

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Pope ‘deeply wishes’ to visit Congo

In this interview with RenaissanceFather Marcelo Oliveira assures that “the population still expects that soon” the Pope will visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He believes that “for people living in conditions of constant attacks, persecution, the visit of the Pope would be a moment of encouragement.”

First of all, because Francis planned a visit to the city of Goma in the eastern part of the country, “where he will be with some victims of violence, and, of course, these people may be a little disappointed.”

“However, the population continues to expect that he will be able to come to us soon,” he assures.

The priest confirms that the Pope “deeply desires to be and come” to the Congo to “know the reality” and acknowledges that “the celebration planned for this Sunday with the Congolese community at St. Parolina in Kinshasa “is a sign of such a will.”

“The Pope deeply desires to be and come, because I believe he has heard so much about the reality of the suffering of the Congolese people, and therefore he has a deep desire to be able to come,” he assures.

Francis’ trip to South Sudan and the Congo, scheduled for July 2-7, has been rescheduled for a new date to be fixed due to the Pope’s health.

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Wabi2b enters the Portuguese market to revolutionize commerce



Wabi2b enters the Portuguese market to revolutionize commerce

BUT Wabi2b, a digital ecosystem that helps digitize and modernize brick-and-mortar commerce, has entered the European market with Portugal. The goal is to “revolutionize traditional retail and the HORECA channel” by allowing distributors and Cash & Carries to sell directly to traditional retailers in Portugal.

The company’s statement explains that the Wabi2b online store allows retailers to access multiple suppliers in the same store, view their entire portfolio of products, compare prices, place all their orders at the same time, and use the platform. exclusive promotions and discounts.


From the supplier’s point of view, Wabi2b gives you the opportunity to choose the geographical area of ​​sales, the cost and minimum cost of delivery, the portfolio of products they represent, prices and deliveries, and the order payment procedure.

According to Wabi2b Portugal CEO Hugo Duarte, “The Wabi2b ecosystem is set to revolutionize traditional trading and business management practices. With this platform, consumer goods companies, suppliers and point of sale will connect for the first time in a single digital environment whose transactions will be carried out, which will reduce costs, waste, increase transparency, facilitate inventory control and better understand the business. performance”.


In this first phase, Wabi2b already has over 1,700 registered stores in Lisbon, and in June it also launched in Porto.


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