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Brian Cashman turns a job he doesn’t want into a Yankees dream



Brian Cashman turns a job he doesn't want into a Yankees dream

Part 30 in the series analyzes the New York Yankees.

There was a time when Brian Cashman did not want to be George Steinbrenner’s general manager.

“From the beginning I was together [GM] Woody Woodward, whose nickname is ‘The Pharmacist’ because his office drawer is full of vitamins to try and keep him healthy when he is surrounded by The Boss, ” Cashman recalls recently when making a fundraising call for the Family Center’s Emergency Family Aid Fund. “I remember saying to myself, ‘I would never want that job.’ Why don’t I want the job? Because this is without victory, very stressful. ‘

Game or not game, this is Cashman’s 23rd year in a job he never wanted but landed on 3 February 1998, after Bob Watson resigned.

Across from 34 years 34-year-old Cashman works for the Yankees, there are challenges, successes, broken hearts, difficult decisions and failures.

“This is an extraordinary magic carpet trip that has taken us to this season, ‘is the way Cashman has described it as part of the organization since 1986, when he was 19 years old apprenticed in the minor league scouting department.

This season was supposed to start March 26 in Baltimore, but coronavirus stopped spring training on March 12. The players and owners are trying to get a schedule of 82 matches which were launched in July. Health, safety and financial issues will decide whether there is a game or not.

Brian CashmanThe AP

If it starts, the Yankees will be favorites to add to their 28th World Series title. This is the hope of Cashman who has never been a duck.

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“We believe we have another championship caliber team in our hands, and we just want to do it as best we can. We have knocked on the door and are always in champion mode, “Cashman said.

The addition of Gerrit Cole’s right-hand free agent immediately pushed the Yankees to the top of the AL pile. It was a move arranged by Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner to agree to a nine-year deal of $ 324 million.

However, if it only throws millions of dollars at the players sending the championship, the Yankees will not be looking for their first World Series title since 2009.

Signed through the 2022 season, Cashman’s attention to the Yankees minor league in the final days of training last spring, when he led a staff contingent that fed the players and distributed money, was appreciated and did not escape the attention of those working under him.

“Brian played an important role in our success, and I have known long enough how lucky we are to lead him in our baseball operations department,” said Steinbrenner after Cashman was appointed Executive American Baseball Year in 2017. ” He cares deeply about this franchise and our fans, and he is skilled at navigating the many challenges that come with holding the position he does in the world media capital. ”

Although Cole is a headliner, Cashman has made some lesser-known steps that have yielded excellent results.

Getting the first baseman Luke Voit from the Cardinals for busting Chasen Shreve and Giovanny Gallegos became the first baseman to hit power.

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Getting outfielder Mike Tauchman from the Rockies for left-handed Phillip Diehl gave the Yankees depth last year when Aaron Hakim, Aaron Hicks and Giancarlo Stanton spent a long time.

Trading Aroldis Chapman closer to the Cubs for Gleyber Torres in return in 2016 is a good move even before Chapman returns to the Yankees as a free agent after the season.

Adding free agent DJ LeMahieu to the mix with a two-year contract of $ 24 million before last season was a big plus. The relievers of Chad Green and Luis Cessa of the Tigers to Justin Wilson in 2015 were stealing. Getting Gio Urshela from Blue Jays because of money considerations turned out well.

Of course there are mistakes like Jacoby Ellsbury. Not maintaining Didi Gregory could backfire if Torres could not play short. But if there is a schedule, it is expected that the Cashman team will be built to play in the postseason.

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Domestic consumption rises and supports Portugal’s GDP growth



Domestic consumption rises and supports Portugal's GDP growth

Despite inflation, private household consumption increased between July and September this year. This increase allowed the Portuguese economy to continue growing in the third quarter. The growth was 4.9% compared to the same period last year.

The past few months have confirmed a trend towards sharp inflation and rising costs such as mortgage payments for those with mortgages. Difficulties that are currently forcing families to consume less than a year ago. But, compared to the second quarter of 2022, from July to September this year, private consumption increased by 1.1%. Domestic demand supported the slight growth of the Portuguese economy recorded in the third quarter.

Even with the fall in exports and investment, GDP grew by 0.4% compared to the previous quarter and by 4.9% compared to the same period last year. The numbers that need to be produced to ensure that 2022 ends with a booming economy, even during a downturn and international uncertainty.

This instability still does not affect the unemployment rate, which remained at 6.1% in October. Compared to September, the number of unemployed has decreased by 2,000. The active population has also declined and there are still 285,000 people who are not considered unemployed but are out of the labor market or only work a few hours a week.

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5-star hotels lead the way in the restoration of Portuguese tourist sites



5-star hotels lead the way in the restoration of Portuguese tourist sites

In October, the number of overnight stays in 5-star hotels increased by 15.9% compared to the same month in 2019, which, according to additional information, namely from the DMC (Tourist Inception Agency), is associated with a strong increase in tourism from the United States. states.

Information published today by INE indicates that in October, compared to the same month before the pandemic, the number of overnight stays in tourist establishments in Portugal increased by 6.2%, with the strongest increase in hotels, at 8.2%. in which, therefore, 62.1% is concentrated. overnight stays.

The information shows that 4-star hotels, where the largest number of beds are concentrated, had 48.9% of overnight stays in October, totaling 2.05 million, which is +7.6% or more than 144.7 thousand than in October 2019.

This was followed by 3-star hotels with 927.3k, but this increase was about half of 5-star hotels, by 7.6% or 65.5k, to 927.3k, and then 5-star hotels with 857. 4 thousand overnight stays, an increase of 15.9%. or 117.6 thousand compared to the same pre-pandemic month.

In contrast to the evolution in these categories, there were 2- and 1-star hotels, in which the number of overnight stays decreased by 2.7%, or ten thousand, to 360.8 thousand.

The cheapest apart-hotels (three and two stars) also saw a decrease in overnight stays, from -20.9% or less than 24.4 thousand, in hotels and farms in Madeira, from -0.4% or less, to about 300, and in tourist settlements, from -7.7. % or less than 17.5 thousand.

At the same time, the number of apart-hotels increased by 1.2%, or 8.5 thousand, to 717.5 million, due to the increase in 5-star hotels by 6.7%, or 6.6 thousand, to 104.9 thousand, and 4-star, by 5.4 thousand% or 26.4 thousand to 519.9 thousand.

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Overnight stays in tourist apartments also increased by 3.2%, or 13.6 thousand, to 437.8 million, local accommodation, by 0.6%, or 5.5 thousand, to 901.2 thousand, and , primarily tourism in rural areas and housing, with an increase of 45.2% or 67.3 thousand to 216.5 thousand people.

The INE data also shows that Portuguese tourist sites were the best in October in terms of overnight stays this year, with peaks achieved by 5-, 4- and 3-star hotels, 5- and 4-star apartment hotels, accommodation . and rural tourism and housing development.

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The US market is already setting new annual records in Portuguese hotels

The Portuguese hospitality industry experienced the best October in terms of number of guests and overnight stays.

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Government approves strategy to combat “Portuguese underrepresentation” in Brussels



Government approves strategy to combat "Portuguese underrepresentation" in Brussels

This afternoon the Council of Ministers will approve a national strategy to combat what it considers “underrepresentation de Portugal” in European institutions, in particular the European Commission.

“There is a significant shortage of Portuguese, especially those working for the Commission,” explains the Secretary of State for European Affairs in statements to Renaissance🇧🇷 The problem, according to Thiago Antunes, is not limited to middle management: “This is the first time Portugal does not have a CEO in the European Commission”.

The government wants to “correct this imbalance and fight this deficit in order to win.”ability to influence in decisions.” But it is not possible to increase the number of vacancies for the Portuguese, if only because there are no national quotas for employees working in institutions.

To go to Brussels or even work in Portugal on a full-time basis, you need to pass a series of tests prepared by EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office). 🇧🇷These are very difficult competitions.with very concrete evidence,” the official explains.

The strategy will be based on several pillars: training, increasing grants and encouraging the mobility of civil servants. The Portuguese government is going to create a national training center to “better prepare our candidates for competitions”; to bet on “dissemination of opportunities; increase the balls (by quantity and value); and create a statute that allows those who work in the public administration of Portugal to move into the European public administration.

The aim is to achieve “greater representation” in the European Commission in order to have “greater influence” on the decision. Although the strategy is to strengthen the Portuguese presence in Brussels and the employees do not work for doesn’t matter that they are portuguese“, he defends.

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Fruits may not appear early or may not even be measurable. “It will take some time until we see results,” admits the former secretary of state to the prime minister. But the wait does not stop the Portuguese government. “We have to start right now,” Thiago Antunes insists, pointing to the demographic problem among those working in Brussels. “There are a lot of Portuguese who came in at the time of our accession and are now retiring.”

The strategy aims to reverse the cycle of loss of Portuguese representation among the 27. The diploma will be approved this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

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