Samsung Poised to Extend Reach into Cyber Space

It’s tough being top dog in the mobile phone business especially when you have dozens of eager competitors breathing down your neck. That’s the situation Samsung is in right now but it’s not taking it sitting on its hands. Just this week news reached public ears via no other than the body responsible for patents and trademarks in America – the US Patent & Trademark Office.

The release goes into detail about a special antenna that can extend your mobile phone’s receiving and sending capabilities by just wearing a device on your skin or your clothing while you are casually walking, jogging or running during the day or night. And by the way, clothing also means your gloves that can also act as an antenna to enhance your visibility. Samsung’s invention is a colossal achievement and deserves special mention.

samsung smart clothing

The invention is simply brilliant with not only the making of the stretchable antenna itself but also the component that makes the outreach a reality featuring a memory embedded on a fibrous device. The making of electronic devices has been going on for decades if not ages but demand has been increasing for a flexible and stretchable device with a rigid base.

The principle behind the invention is easy enough to make out as it involves the implanting of an electronic gadget carrying a sensor upon ordinary clothes or the surface of other fibrous materials. Part and parcel to this configured combination is a medium for communication or an antenna for receiving or transmitting info to other end users.

The complete system must feature the necessary attributes for attachment to the human body, clothing as already mentioned and even leather material or surfaces. There’s no doubt of the antenna’s stretchable feature but in order to achieve this, its substance need to be made of fibre. This is in fact the case for our antenna that uses natural or chemical fiber or both.

The antenna must also of course be conductive to allow electric currents to travel through the system. This means that selected components need to be made of metal, an alloy or at least a composite of metal and Samsung has also made allowances for allowing this important function to happen in its new antenna.

Chip Design in Tears

Yet another surprising feature of the stretchable antenna as envisaged by the top mobile telephone company is its connectivity to other devices such a chip embedded inside the body of wireless communication device. Inevitably this means that the device need to be attached to the user’s body or clothing. Even this came under the scrutiny of company experts.

Even more interesting is Samsung’s innovative experiment into the possibility of extending the use of the stretchable antenna upon a watery surface. In this experiment the company plans to use a fibre mat on water that will hold the complete range of devices that make the system into a complete antenna.

Even though the news of the invention has been released, Samsung is careful not to reveal too much at this stage. This is understandable when all eyes and ears are open to scrutinize what the company has to offer. It is certain however that the complete package will be available to vendors worldwide in the days ahead.

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