The New Sporting Smartwatch that Packs a Punch!

Microsoft is involved in so many fields it makes one wonder how they can cope with the stream of inventions coming out from their smart engineers. For now it’s a new smartwatch for sporting enthusiasts as well as for general use. The watch sports so many fancy features it will never fail to impress with its in-built apps to monitor heart pulse as well as burning calories plus other functions.

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Selected sensitive components of the watch (brain) can be removed from the casing and fitted into other devices to collect such things as personal information. The component can immediately be returned to its position once the exercise is completed. In addition to this, the watch also features a docking station where an alarm clock may be docked.

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Many devices of miniature size such a wristwatch have been invented in the past and most, if not all, include features such as GPS, altimeters.  New type stopwatches have also been invented for tracking speed, position and time while the wearer is running. The difficulty with such watches is they get in the way of perspiration and can succumb to getting wet and soggy after a day’s outing.

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Another issue is connected with the washing of the watch. In this wet process occasioned by the presence of washing powder and detergents tend to undermine the longevity of the watch band material which has to be constantly freed from their secure rings. Even though some wristbands may be washable, their removal may prove difficult and usually cause wear and tear for applied pressure.

The problems don’t stop there but are compounded by the fact that they do not furnish information other than the time and position of the wearer. Because of this users have had to revert to wearing external sensors tied to the chest with a chest strap to measure heartbeat. This method enables the recording of biometric data that can be read during or after the completion of the run.

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Despite the fact that the portable electronic devices can achieve the user’s intentions, it goes without saying that carrying them while actually exercising is awkward and certainly bulky which is an inconvenience to the wearer. This has resulted in the very slow process of adopting these portable electronic devices as welcomed aids during exercises.

Despite the issues discussed above the smartwatch itself is a truly great invention complemented by a docking space. The dock (#50) may have a mounting well (#58) for receiving the information device. The perimeter wall of the mounting well (#60) perfectly crafted to receive and hold the mounting device (#28). For perfect fit, the bottom part (#61) of the mounting well is curved for the benefit of the information device.

Firmer grip is provided by the seal member (#39) that is constructed on the larger perimeter wall (#38) to perfectly fit the outer perimeter (#60) of the mounting well due to a slight deforming of the seal member (#37) surface. This method secures the receiving of the information device by the mounting well (#58).

This smartwatch may be the first of its kind that is able to record a myriad of functions performed during sporting activities. However it may still be sometime before the perfect smartwatch plus a docking well can be invented to satisfy all the downsides of the current version.

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