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It’s not always about screen size and touch control on front screens that Samsung comes up with. This time, its clever engineers have conjured up touch controls to the back of its devices especially those that will be on the production line in the future. At this stage, it looks like there’s no stopping perhaps the biggest brand in digital communication in coming up with stupendous ideas on improving or creating new products.

The patent application for this new invention was filed during early Q1 of 2013 by Samsung in connection with a transparent display capable of allowing touch controls not only up front but also at the back of the display. A special feature is that the controls can be applied at the same time or separately to activate controls, icons, video playbacks and many more features.

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Included among display devices of the future include transparent displays that have the propensity of allowing a viewer to see through a display and be able to also see images displayed behind the main display. The transparent display may be operated in any device capable of recognizing, processing and transferring data by using electronic elements that are transparent.

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Added to the transparent displays are the related inventions of controlling objects displayed on screen from a touch to the side, rear side and bottom sides of a smartphone or tablet. The main feature of the invention is the backside touch for controlling video presentations such as zooming to view the inside of a folder without obstructing your own view with your finger.

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Similarly, a folder can be moved or transferred to another slot on the smartphone or tablet interface without shutting out the folder’s view as has been the case with smartphones of earlier years. The new technique also allows the user to hide or reveal text especially on its 710 and 720 screens. The data is hidden on a secondary level and brought forward again with a display touch on the backside.

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Another special feature of the invention lies in its ability to move objects that overlap at the same time. When done separately, the movement of a finger simply slides a bottom or top object to different positions on the interface or sliding both objects simultaneously by touching the front and back controls as needed.

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If these functions weren’t enough the user is also given a selection of 18 space combinations or double the 9 that are available on the face of the device for unlocking the screen. Last but not least is the user’s ability in controlling video viewing simply by exercising a touching motion on the backside of the display screen which is a highly convenient function different from the traditional frontal touch.

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From the look of things there seems to be a scaling up in the quality of inventions especially in the field of smartphone and tablet usage. This is understandable in the face of the popularity of the two devices and any effort to improve on them would be welcomed by users.

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