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Samsung Introduces Camera Module

This one is a classical surprise for photography enthusiasts and a must have companion. One optical benefit it possesses is the propensity of the device to counter shaky movements during the take which in ordinary parlance simply means the camera does not shake if your hands do!  Another plus is it’s especially adaptable to smartphones and mobile phones.

Samsung has seen a flurry of inventing ventures recently and it looks like more will be streaming out from the ever growing brand in the future. Only time will tell. What is certain right now is that the brand will shortly be marketing its new 13-Mpixel camera and it intends to do it during the first half 2014.

Samsung Introduces Camera Module

And it’s all for a good reason seeing that in addition to the anti-shake quality of the camera, it also has the uncanny ability to self-adjust any angular error of 1.5°. Professionally speaking the new Samsung camera performs better than any digital cameras now available on the market anywhere in the world that can adjust for an angular error of 0.7°.

Having the camera on the assembly line and going into full production will be a welcomed advantage for Samsung. There’s no telling when the next single or series of cameras will be produced by different competitors. It’s always an advantage to stream a proven product onto the shop shelves as quickly as possible to reap the rewards like the old saying “the early bird catches the worms”.

In so far as the anti-shake quality of the new camera is concerned it’s another enticing factor that will entice photography lovers to snatch up the first cameras that appear on the market. Everyone shakes when taking photos and many pics are ruined with blurry takes at a party or special family event that really annoys both taker and subject.

Most cameras are subservient to the amount of lighting that exists at the spot where the photos are to be taken. Of course the problem is taken care of by the use of an installed light flash within the camera frame. However, even the best of light emitted from an in-built flash light may prove insufficient and another light source has to be secured.

Look no further because the new Samsung camera invention will provide the light you need for the perfect photo take. In fact it will not produce lighting that is 3 times brighter than the light a flash light produces but 8 times brighter! What more do you want when you can now take colossal photographs where the lamination is practically nil?

The reputation of this new camera invention is enhanced further by its ability to consume a very low amount of power for achieving such a high level of optical performance. This means that the user spends less time in re-charging the device between takes that result in more efficient and uninterrupted takes during the day and therefore less time wastage.

Even if the Samsung camera is still some years in the making, the brand is confident in its potential and has wasted no time in negotiating with smartphone giants for adoption into their smartphone devices.

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