A Myriad of Devices from Samsung and LG Design Inventing Ventures

Samsung Patent Model

With the constant stream of new devices being invented by well-known brands, it’s not unusual to find a backlog of design patterns that have been tucked away inside the USPTO database. Perhaps it may be because design patterns are not explained in more details as patent applications are and as such, the former are not likely to be given full descriptions of how they are made and what they are made of.

Samsung Patent Model

It was not surprising therefore that Patent Bolt discovered a whole bunch of new inventions by Samsung and one from the LG Design brand. According to the discoverer, it may only be possible to get a glimpse of their size, form and shape but that’s it! We may appreciate that the inventions may have a sleek and rounded edges and they may display certain slots where control buttons may be.

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They will not however disclose what the inventors used for materials to deliver the final product as designed using such materials. We won’t even get an inkling of the type of components have been used to deck the internal parts of the device and we would therefore be ignorant of how they were configured and put together to form the ultimate device.


This is the most exasperating aspect of design patterns but it may be ideal for the inventor in that the materials used and the internal components formed will not be known by any potential competitors who may want to usurp the information and design a device of their own. For us customers, a visual of the design pattern will merely provide us with a glimpse of what will emerge.

While the first Samsung design patent was for a smartphone which was filed in the US in February 1012 and Korea in September 2011, the second design patent for a new desktop display or monitor which was filed in May 2012 in the US and on December 2011 in Korea. The design is a perfectly symmetrical and sleek looking piece when viewed from the side.


The screen is held by a pivotal bolt joint that allows the screen to be moved forward or retracted backwards to give the viewer maximum leverage to obtain the best viewing angle in respect of where and how the viewer is positioned. Its symmetrical form gives the monitor balance and stability no matter how far forward or backward it is moved.

The third design patent taken out by Samsung comprise a group of three icons that it intends to display on a mobile smartphone atop a rotating plate plus another icon embedded at the back of the smartphone although we are not told what the fourth icon looks like or for what purpose it was invented. Suffice it to know that the four icons will definitely have a role to play on or in the smartphone.

The single design pattern from LG involves an integration of a speaker dock for a mobile device. The fifth ranked smartphone producing brand in the world has designed its invention so that customers are better served from the use of an NFMR power transmission capability.

For LG, the innovation may be a winner with music lovers due to its more simple design and can go into production much quicker than the models being thought up by BlackBerry and Apple. More competition and still more sophisticated devices are sure to follow on from these inventions

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