Mystery Smartphone for Samsung; Mouse for HP

smartphone inside design

Dual consent was given simultaneously to Samsung and HP to go ahead with their respective inventions. Samsung was awarded the invention of a mysterious smartphone while HP was given leave to produce a computer mouse. HP is to design and produce a totally new mouse design along with an email interface especially for use by WebOS.

samsung patent bolt report

Despite the novel mouse and email interface approach by HP the design file by Samsung is particularly noteworthy. Why? It’s a totally striking new design in shape design and component layout inside out with several unexpected departures from the norm. Even so, because of the mysterious nature it’s recommended that smartphone fans should not miss out on viewing it.

Patent Bolt Report

What is most interesting about the Samsung invention is it does not provide detailed information about the design itself or the factors involved in arriving at the final product shape, size or development orientation. All that can meet the eye is a rather streamlined smartphone when viewed from the sleek side and wide and flat when viewed from the front or back.

Samsung Patent report

Why Samsung was given the go ahead to invent the smartphone is not very clear but it does have attractive features going for it as already discussed in the final appearance of the smartphone on paper. From the patent design, it’s obvious the phone has a kind of built-in cover that is strong and durable and its size is just right for a full hand hold on the outer curves and straight lines.

smartphone inside design

What is most surprising about Samsung’s mysterious invention is that it provides the barest minimum of input and output connections. There is a built-in cover with a switch on buttons plus a headphone mini jack and a micro USB port but guess what – that’s all the input and output configuration there is – but then it is a “smart” phone.

Outside design and sleek

Look as much as you want, you won’t identify anything that looks like a volume button for adjusting sound levels. The smartphone even lacks a SIM card slot for enabling the phone to operate on the internet. If you want to have soft music to entertain yourself or sassy sound entertainment for your friends close by, there are no speakers. It’s all the more frustrating for photographing enthusiasts as the smartphone doesn’t feature a  camera or flash.

Final Patent Bolt Report

Perhaps these are the reasons the smartphone has been labelled as a mysterious invention by Google. One thing is for sure, the stylish shape of the smartphone is something to mull over. It definitely has style and purpose with an apparent strong and compact appearance. It is streamlined and not bulky with the ability to snug neatly in the palm of the hand.

Yet another interesting feature of the mysterious smartphone is its ability to dock itself on a tablet. This is most convenient as you will be able to simultaneously carry two devices on the stride, run, in a car or plane without worrying about that extra casing or a missing smartphone from the suitcase. It’s an ingenious way of making a smartphone tag along on the move.

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