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samsung smartphone indside design

Holding onto a curved surface when you lose your balance may not be the ideal thing to ensure your safety. However, when your grip is holding onto the curved surfaces and sides of a miniature device such as a smartphone or mobile phone, no feeling could be as safe, sensationally smooth or pleasant. Samsung has done it again, this time by filing a patent for inventing the curved surface of its smartphone indside design

It did so on May 2013 when it filed a patent to invent a curved device and this proved so innovative by the USPTO that Samsung was given permission to go ahead. What was the catchy quality? The smartphone on the drawing board had a slightly curved surface which could also support a flexible display. This was an ideal proposal.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye for enjoined to the curvature of the smartphone is a diagram that signifies a protrusion from the smartphones. What we have therefore is a dual invention, one for a curved surface smartphone and another for an accompanying Galaxy camera most likely “next generation” which may well be a perfect fit for the curved surface.

samsung smartphone camera inside design

And it is for as shown in Fig. 6 where the camera is shown to dock within the back well of the smartphone with the curved Galaxy phone model at the front. This is clearly a new innovation and one that will be quick to capture the minds and eyes of smartphone enthusiasts everywhere. And where does the camera dock? At the back of the smartphone to provide a different display that clicks and takes photographs.

One useful and unique feature can be found on one end of the smartphone as shown in Fig. 9 where a flip-out feature is clearly discernible. The sun’s rays can play tricks upon photographs that are taken and sometimes can cause blurry or unclear images to be produced by the camera. To help mitigate this outcome, the flip-out acts as a shade for the camera when the user is taking film shots outside in the sun.

Camera from Inside

Some observations on the curved shape of the new Samsung smartphone give insight into how the phone is likely to entice and capture the interest of smartphone fans. First and foremost is the fact that it is a new concept and as such is definitely bound to activate curiosity and loyalty by users who are ardent Samsung fans. That the new smartphone is a Samsung invention will surely cement fan loyalty in the brand.

Another response that the new smartphone can activate among users and non-users as well as among different brand fans is the need to better what Samsung has conjured up. Supporters of other brands are not likely to abandon their loyalty to the new inventor but will harbour the yearning that their brand – Apple, Google, HTC or HP can come up with something just as good if not better.

There may be other observations but the main thing is that Samsung’s invention is going to have a dramatic effect on a surge of inventiveness that will quell price hikes and perhaps even Samsung to still greater heights. Only time can tell.

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