Samsung to Enhance iPhone Performance with new 3D Camera


When you have an iPhone that operates efficiently and fully satisfies your needs, it’s difficult to want anything else added onto it. Some users however are not easily satisfied and naturally, they’d look for other exciting additions to their phone. If you are one of them then the new approach by Samsung to add an iPhone is meant for you.

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Samsung’s new initiative is in boosting the performance of its iPhone by installing a new 3D Camera into the device. But would it actually be a cutting edge reality or only some enticing trick to capture customer wealth? It appears to be a genuine invention that will include the likes of tablets, mobile phones, portable computers, smartphones, batteries and the rest.


The 3D camera according to Samsung will tout a panoramic lens that takes clear and impressive images and does away with the nasty flares that develop from stray sunlight rays and can distort images. It may be that the timing of the invention will occur at the same time the Galaxy S4 appears the market. The dual release will boost the standing of Samsung which now appears to have taken the lead.

One thing that isn’t all that clear is that for the filing of the patent Samsung omitted to clearly explain whether the special 3D camera addition is meant only for their standalone cameras or for general application for their portable devices that are soon to appear on the market such as the Galaxy S or their new Note smartphones. It is clear however that the addition will definitely take place soon.

Samsung Patent Model

In addition to the patent filing on the 3D Camera initiative, Samsung has entered strongly into the mobile sector with strong entry with its other product inventions mainly of the mobile phone category. Understandably, the company is trying hard to maintain its hold on the mobile phone market and with the recent flurry of inventions in that category it’s bound to keep customers constantly attracted.

Some of its newest inventions comprise the new Galaxy Fonblet, the Galaxy S Active which is a rung higher that its S series and the Galaxy Sol. This last model is directly related to the wide range of mobile phones and smartphones plus tablet computers. Very little is known about the former two models as Samsung has not clearly described the nature of the devices. Perhaps they could be accessories to a portable speaker system.

To date, it’s not really clear how effective and enticing the 3D camera device would be but for customers it’s definitely something new that they can try out and enjoy. It’s certain however that the invention and use of the camera would add life and excitement to photo taking.

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