The Continuing Saga of the Optical Video Glass by Sony

Sony Glass Patent

If you are really committed to producing the best product possible, it’s necessary to commission its invention in stages or in a series of inventions from the basic to the sophisticated. This is the approach Sony has taken with its video glasses which it started to promote in 2008 and is now applying for the invention of another version of this original optical video glass.

Sony Glass Patent

One very noticeable feature about Sony’s current inventive venture is that previously, the brand aimed at inventing its video glasses for its own video games especially for future models. Now it seems that Sony is focusing on a different type of video glass for use in general computing. This is a drastic departure from its usual path and it may have a very solid reason for it.

Fig. 2 of Sony’s patent application clearly shows the different parts of the new video glass which is a classic presentation of a head mounted display apparatus attached to a pair of glasses. Fig 8 gives the details of the display device that is embedded inside the head-mounted display apparatus as already discussed.

Experts are predicting that Google will certainly take to the field and become a leader in the production of the new category of glass ware simply because their patent has revealed that their master plan is far more superior than Sony’s master plan. Why? It’s master blueprint on its own video glass is far more extensive in scope and therefore packs more punch than what Sony can offer.

What is not very clear in the patent application is whether Sony is prepared to go along with Google’s Android smartphone and develop a video glass as an apparatus for use by Google’s smartphone. By opting to go into a joint venture with Google, the popular Sony brand will be offering consumers a taste of what a competing design can turn out to be.

On the other hand, Sony may opt to go it alone and develop its own OS and go into direct competition against Google. In the end Sony’s decision may hinge on its own need to shore up its reputation as an inventor of smart video glasses and that it already commands an already sound and healthy  market  for its video glass products for video games.

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Nevertheless, it also makes sense if Sony did join hands with Google in producing an ideal video glass for general computing. This is the case since the venture would be new to computing users and as such, there would be more room for improvement and expansion in the future. Also, the popularity of both brands joined together, would have a magnetic effect on customers.

This would be clearly evident in the ultimate product itself assuming that the two giants put their heads together and introduce a new and exciting apparatus onto the marketplace. Customers would automatically believe that with two of the best brands working in consort, the outcome would be the best possible.

This would have an overall positive impact on customer/brand relationship and will also immediately put into motions the inevitable question of “What’s next?” once the video glass that Sony has produced for Google has been launched. True, Sony can go it alone and reap all the profits also on its own and forsaking what could be a double gain from joining hands with Google.

Only time will tell whether Sony will opt to join Google in a joint venture or it will go it alone as it has done all these years. It may be the case that old habits “die hard”.

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