The Wonder Handcuff for Law Enforcement

Shocking Next-Gen law

From the perspective of vendors and public users, it appears there’s no end to the marvellous stream of gadgetry that big brands are revealing to ardent users. From miniature cameras installed in contact lenses, unique touch devices, projector eyewear, retina scanner, play stations and a host of other enticing devices. Now we turn our focus on a next generation handcuff system.

Shocking Next-Gen law

For this invention, it’s not clear what brand is involved but it is a patent that can be equally applied to ankle cuffs, neck collars, restraints for the face, straight jackets, helmets and a host of other body wear. One interesting aspect of the high-tech handcuffs is they will be decked with a variety of extra sensitive sensors such as camera sensors and many others that are embedded into the handcuff frame.

Law Enforcement

The most important feature of the handcuffs is the preventive elements which can be automatically activated when the wearer tries to escape from custody. These restraining elements comprise standard restraining mechanisms as well as those that can release a powerful electrical shock to the detained wearer.  In certain cases, the handcuffs can administer medications that sedate or irritate the wearer.

Patent Application

It is very interesting knowledge to law enforcement officers who take care of prisoners or members of activist groups that involve themselves in social work. They should know that though these next generation handcuffs have been invented with the “bad guys” in mind they can also fall to misuse by over-enthusiastic enforcers who can be tempted to use them as torture instruments against criminals.

Explanation with Diagram

For this reason it may be necessary for administrators to exercise careful monitoring on the use of the handcuffs or to ensure that proper laws are put in place prior to the commissioning of their use during law enforcement duties. When this is done only the criminal elements of society will be subjected to the restraining powers of the handcuffs.

What is perhaps more interesting about the handcuffs is they have the capability of controlling the level of electrical shock they can apply to the wearer. This simply means that the embedded control system inside the handcuffs can regulate the amount of current travelling to the wearer thereby preventing an overdose of electric current flowing to the detained person.

In another scenario the interface of the handcuffs receive electrical impulses from the detainee’s heart and sends them back via the EKG/EGG sensors where they are then analysed by the control system. If the EKG measurement proves to be unsafe, i.e. if fibrillation or arrhythmia are detected, the strength of the electric shock will be lessened.

When an EKG signal from the interface worn by the detainee, detects a health problem, direct health issue is clearly detected by the system, the control system can send a signal via the interface revealing that a health issue has been detected. When this happens and external apparatus may stop or impede the sending of a message that activates the restraining device.

A lot of science fiction videos have shown displays of different types of restraining devices which nowhere resemble the shape or size of handcuffs that we know today. Perhaps we are travelling in that direction with the invention of the next generation handcuffs.

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