Optical Communication Glasses from Sony for Work & Play

Sony Glass Patent Model

Even though Samsung usually manages to capture attention with its inventions, it does not have the whole stage all by itself as other competitors are busy forging ahead with their own inventions. Sony for instance has conjured up the fantastic idea of inventing optical communication glasses that can be used at work or during play. These optical glasses are more popularly known as video glasses.

Sony Patent Bolt Report

Even while Sony is about to launch its invention, both Google and Microsoft are already putting their act together for putting together their own version of video glasses. They are not about to overtake and leave Sony in their wake during a race that has all the odds in Sony’s favour. Google and Microsoft have only started their odyssey but Sony started a long while back in 2008.

Sony Glass Patent Model

For its part Microsoft plans to complement the next generation Xbox version with its video glasses at the same time forcing Sony’s hand to do likewise. Sony however is focusing on its novel “personal 3D Viewer which now works in consort with PlayStation. While customers know about this invention, they may not be aware that Sony also has other versions of video glasses planned for production.

Patent Explanation via Diagram

Additionally Sony has also taken out a patent for the invention of video glasses for video gaming and given that the brand has been working on video glasses for nearly 10 years it’s obvious the field is not new to them. Their latest invention of video glasses has the effect of further expanding their vision of video glasses and making them capable of supporting not only “portable games” but also act as a technologically advanced communication device that may have a dramatic effect on markets 10 years from now.

The main features of the invention are a built-in camera (#3a), a light emitter that can be adapted to work in consort with a wrist watch (#4a), a glass apparatuses that produce a transparent display (#2a). The light emitter deserves a special mention for its ability to communicate with other apparatus and work in consort with then like a wristwatch while embedded in the optical communication apparatus.

The emitter gives out light in the direction in which the user or wearer of the optical communication apparatus is looking. The emitted light could be LED and may be used to communicate with another apparatus such as a specially made watch, headset, goggles, a visor or ordinary glasses that are placed on the emitter. To add sound, the video glasses may be equipped with a microphone and speakers.

It is clear in Fig. 2A the video glasses may be worn without the clear lens or as in Fig. 2B where the glasses are synchronized with a specially make watch that can work with the camera embedded in the headset. The display apparatus labelled (#40) may also be a small device like a mobile phone, portable game console or PDA headset that can be used at work or during play time.

The final special communication capability of the optical glasses is their ability to be mounted on objects such as posters, signboards, facilities, building walls, doors, windows and even on trees plus moving vehicles like bikes, trains and cars. When the video glasses lock onto any of these you are able to be treated to a movie from Sony or music and there appears to be no end to available options which is bound to make things very interesting in the future.

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