The Ideal Next Generation Stylus Pen for Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung Pen Patent

When one takes a close diagram of the stylus pen contemplated by Samsung, it represents a pen like look but with lots of functions attached.  It is suitably streamlined with a transmitter and receiver hidden inside the ePen clip that holds onto the outer rim of a shirt pocket or the open upper edge of the trouser side pocket.

Samsung Pen Patent

With the ever increasing invention of smaller, compact mobile phone devices and tablets, there had to come a time when a pen was needed to dabble on their writable or clickable controls. For this came the Stylus Pen and Samsung has also entered into the field with gusto. The brand has not let up in its involvement in a variety of inventing quests and from the looks of things is not likely ever to do so.

Samsung has now entered the field of inventing the stylus pen that will be used in consort with the brand’s own Galaxy Note list of smartphones plus tablets. Despite the fact they had already released a new pen, the new version touts many new features not found in the first version. Among others the new features include an embedded NFC and a pocket clip that sports a transmitter/receiver capability.

Amazing is the fact that for power, the pen utilizes the micro-electrical current the body produces and in this way it can act as a second figure acting on the screen to manipulate the control displayed on the front of a smartphone or tablet. In actual fact the pen allows the multi-touch screen of the device to think that finger is operating the controls and not a specially made stylus pen.

The outward design of the stylus pen is such that it actually resembles the look and feel of a finger rather than being a pen. With some practice it can become a better instrument for operating the controls of your smartphone or tablet than you own finger. The reason here is the stylus pen has a sleeker and thinner point to it that your fingers and can more easily push the control buttons.

And guess what: Apple will not stand idly by and give way to Samsung in the quest for inventing better and more efficient stylus pens. Right now, the other big brand (the biggest) is conjuring up ways of inventing not one but several very high end smart pen ideas of its own. When you have this kind of development happening to the production of next generation stylus pens involving the biggest and best brands in the business, the results are bound to be full of surprises.

But it shouldn’t be forgotten that the inventive idea conjured up Samsung has actually brought the stylus pen back into the limelight and the marketplace and for that the brand deserves our highest praise. It may perhaps be the magic of the iconic name or the quality that the brand produces but one thing for sure, when some device has been the invention of Samsung, people take notice.

Only time will tell whether or not a more sophisticated type of stylus pen will emerge from the inventing spree that is taking place right now by the big brands like Google and Samsung but we are sure to see some very surprising results.

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