Samsung invents new way to handle folders on Android

Android is one of the most used operating system in smartphones. It sits with iOS in the top charts and comes with wide array of features. One such feature of Android is the folders. As the name suggests, folders are a way to store or club all your applications in a single place.

Samsung Invents New ways

The amount of applications in the Play Store are increasing every day and the number of applications downloaded by an Android user is also increasing with them. With so many icons on the tiny screen of a smartphone, it gets really difficult for the user to manage it and thus he opts to use folders to club them and arrange them properly. When a user creates a folder on Android, he can’t see what all is stored in that folder, as a result he need to open each and every folder if he is looking for something. If a user is having a lot of folders, he may be irritated by doing this monotonous job.

With the latest patent by Samsung, it is not going to be a tedious task anymore as the company has proposed a new range of solutions to this problem and will change the whole way we use folders on our devices.

Samsung Example of Icon Stacking

It is somewhat similar to the traditional folders, but with this new technology, users would be also able to see the components of the folder with ease. Users need to make the folders in a traditional way which includes holding an app icon and then dragging it over the app you wish to make a folder with. You can put as much applications as you want in the folder. Instead of showing a folder icon, the apps would be stacked on top of each other so that you can easily see what the whole folder consists of.

samsung:The process of expanding object items

To open the folder, users can touch the folder and drag it downwards which will open and show the contents of the folder just like an accordion. To close the folder back, users would just need to tap on the icons and they will fold back in to the stack with a smooth transition.

Samsung Patent:Alternative Methods of Opening Folders

That’s not the end, Samsung has even proposed a way in which the folders would be operating in a similar way they operate in iOS. In this way, the user would be able to move the app icons in form of a deck of card which is similar to the folders present in iOS.

Samsung Patent:The Scrolling Folder
Samsung Patent:The Scrolling Folder

The company has even proposed another way which includes scrolling. In this way, once the user taps on the folder icon, all the items stored in the folder would be displayed in a form of a list. The user can then scroll through the list to find their desired item. This is a clever design as it will prevent the company from getting sued by Apple for using its design methodology in their devices.

This patent application by Samsung was filed in the Q4 of 2011 and was later on published by the US Patent and Trademark Office in the Q2 of 2012.

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