An Ingenious Two Sided Display System for Microsoft’s Smartphone

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To have a standard smartphone with one side displaying images and numbers in your possession is one thing but to own one that is capable of providing displays on both sides is quite something else. This is in fact what Microsoft has conjured up and is likely to become a reality very soon. Microsoft’s new and smart engineers are introducing a new phase of pulsating life into the company and are behind the current push to invent the new smartphone that displays images on both sides.

It has been noted over the past few years that newly invented smartphones are giving way to more space for providing larger displays of images and other graphics. The surprising thing is that though devices have tended to become smaller, their display capacity has increased in size. This is inevitable since users are now more inclined to prefer holding a small gadget in their hands and clearly view images at the same time.

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This has resulted in the elimination of the mechanical keypad that accompanied the screen display on earlier devices simply because the keypad took up too much space. In its place has been the introduction of the touch screen interface which acts not only as an input device but also as a display surface. So instead of the mechanical keypad to set the display screen into motion, the touch is now the fashion.

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The idea of having multi-display areas is not new as some phones are designed with a “flip” or “slide out” side do have more than one displays. Some show a large display view area plus a smaller display showing a clock, indicator and other forms of usage. The configuration also shows a disparity in power consumption with a coloured display often consuming more than a monochrome display.

The new invention that Microsoft’s innovative engineers have conjured up is the production of a display at the back of its future smartphones or tablets that allows displays using low power consumption. This change in the placement of a second display surface at the back will allow displays of information, graphics or numerical data that would otherwise not be possible.

Microsoft Patent Details

Microsoft foresees little problem in installing clear displays on two sides of a smartphone or tablet and in fact is confident that the use of an e-ink display would consume very low energy  and could easily be embedded into the contour outlines of the device. This move in fact creates extra surface area that can be used to display information that wasn’t there in the first place.

What Microsoft has envisaged in the inclusion of low power consumption displays for time, strength of radio signal, WiFi strength and a meter displaying battery strength. These are all extra display features that could not previously be shown on the other display screen of the smartphone or tablet. They can now be shown using low power consumption the backside surface of the same device.

The new innovation has got other big time brands like Microsoft and Nokia think of entering the race and we all know what a boost this type of competition will have on quality and prices of future smartphones and tablets.

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