A Gaming Helmet Featuring Projector Eyewear

Gaming consoles and helmets have been streaming into the market for some years now and to be sure, there hasn’t been a slowing up in the pace of newly produced gadgetry. Many computer game lovers were thrilled towards the end of 2012 when Microsoft announced its invention of a gaming helmet that featured a projector eyewear model.

Gaming Helmet Patent

The invention of the gaming helmet is not new as Apple had ventured to produce a headset for its iPod earlier in 2008. What is new is the idea of including eye pieces that projects a single image onto an in-built screen inside the headset itself. This is a truly revolutionary approach also featuring a sophisticated high resolution OLED display.

To be sure Sony has joined the race with its PlayStation followed by Google with a hushed up project of its own. Apple’s name hasn’t come up and neither has Samsung but Microsoft has been spotted by Patent Bolt to have been working on a video headset since September 2010 with every intention of becoming first to deliver its invention to market.

X-box gaming Helmet Patent

Actually Microsoft is inventing not one but two headsets, one for the ardent Xbox gamers and the other headset looks more like ordinary sunglasses used in consort with smartphones, MP3 and other devices yet to be invented. Microsoft’s dare in forging ahead with its invention has been fuelled by its success with its Kinect gaming gadget and may be leading the pack.

Microsoft Eyewear Projector Patent Plan

The system Microsoft is after is a compact display unit for installing in a helmet that allows the user to view computer images, music from a media player. The system can also be adapted to show images for each eye at the same time which renders the system amenable for use in applications that can display virtual-reality games.

The only discernible flaw found in the eyewear is the inability of the eye to handle images only a few centimetres away, and while the use of an optical arrangement may suffice to provide clear viewing that close, a decision has not been made as to how to solve the problem.

Microsoft Examples Projector

Image Source – Cinemabox

But Microsoft may have a solution in the use of a virtual-image projector using a narrow laser beam, two dilation optics, two redirection optics and a controller. Ideally, the laser’s narrow beam is received by the first dilation optic to produce a one-dimensional beam. This beam is then received by the second dilation optic. The one-dimensional beam is received by the second dilation optic to produce a two-dimensional beam that results in the virtual image.

In addition to these tech qualities, the eyewear can also view objects as well as the displayed virtual images especially with the eye glass version which gamers welcome for watching games and external happenings. There’s no issues with 3D imaging and virtual displays of images for Xbox gaming. To liven up the fireworks within the gaming helmet is an array of brightly coloured laser beams and illuminators that can literally “explode” the view presented to the gamer.

It’s sufficient to point out at this stage that the invention will be a treat for game lovers worldwide and will definitely mark the beginning of an inevitable stream of improved versions of the original patent.

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