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A Serious iPod Touch Competitor from HTC

htc patent bolt report

The jolt in the news is that HTC has gone all out to invent an iPod Touch competitor to the one produced by Apple. The move was made in 2011 but surprisingly, it doesn’t make mention of components like cellular bandwidths which means that the device may not be a mobile device. The intention by HTC of producing the iPod Touch was very recently released to the public.

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The gadget is a powerhouse that displays a set of stereo speakers up front making it multimedia. At the back is a kickstand that caters for external rear view of the landscape allowing the take of excellent video footage. The invention is an updated version of its Windows Phone-based HTC Surround that went on the market in 2010.

For all intents and purposes, HTC is not the only one vying for a competing slot against Apple. Samsung has already accessed an inroad into the market with its Galaxy Player so HTC is not the only company that is producing an Android standalone multimedia player. Nevertheless, despite gaining market entry, it has proven difficult to know from Samsung how the devices are selling off the shelves or whether customers have been enticed away from Apple.

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Some experts on the subject are of the HTC device may not end up being invented as a patent application does not necessary mean that a product has been invented. They do make the point however that competition is healthy and when it’s against Apple (which is the best even now) any final product that emerges is likely to be first rate. This would directly benefit the needs of users.

Moving away from the well-known brands such as Google and Microsoft can be very educational and interesting and studying the moves made by HTC at this point is indeed a bit of both. The competitive approach is a daring one given that Apple has virtually cornered the market especially for mobile devices plus all the other devices that usually accompany their surge.

htc patent bolt report

It’s not an illusion to see that lesser brands often make inroads in areas where well-established vendors like Apple are calling the shots. The experts believe that this is the trending aspect of such a lopsided market situation. It is never easy challenging a well-established brand on its home turf or on any other turf for that matter. For a competitor the product must live up to its own challenge and that is a tall order for a lesser brand like HTC.

It is interesting however that the incident has taken place and HTC hasn’t backed down. Perhaps the challenge is too delicious or it presents an opportunity that should not be missed no matter what the odds are. But a work of caution is needed at this juncture despite the spirited surge by HTC in its bid to outdo the top gun.

There is the reality that in the US alone, about half of all smartphone wear the Android OS icon. While habits may die hard preference and loyalty are even more difficult to break away from. This means that as numbers of OS users increase over time, their obvious next choice for a multimedia device will most definitely be Android!

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